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Post by Nightshade on Thu Apr 23, 2015 3:42 am

"What do you mean the shipment didn't arrive? I came all the way out here for nothing?"

The teenager stared dumbfounded at an uncomfortable-looking clerk behind a postal service desk. who muttered apologies as he fumbled through paperwork, before eventually transferring the unfortunate news that no shipment of mechanical parts had arrived at the office. A flabbergasted Seraphine muttered thank yous and apologies before backing out the door and into a busy street. She sulked a little bit before letting out a frustrated, "Argh!" that turned a few heads. "I traveled several hundred miles for a package that should have been delivered to my local post office, and they still don't know where it went?!" the engineer muttered furious and impatient words to herself, trying to contain her temper but failing miserably.

"And all for what? A paid-for package that disappeared somewhere into the nether vortex we call a postal service? Meanwhile my next door neighbors get their copy of Fifty hues of slate? Oh, that's just glorious! You go read that book while I'm still sitting here waiting for a rather expensive shipment, thank you very much!" Sara continued this self-ranting for a while, before settling on the idea that she might as well turn this visit into somewhat of a vacation. Sighing in an exasperated way, she bought a cappuccino at a local cafe before deciding what hotel to stay in. However, before she could ask someone directions to a suggested inn, Sara decided to gracefully tackle a stranger with her coffee, also splashing it on herself.

"Gah - Sorry! Sorry!" she frantically grabbed at the spare napkins that had been wrapped around her drink in an attempt to dry off the stranger's shirt. Just one bit of bad luck after another! I can see where this day is going, that's for sure...

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