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Post by Frederik on Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:04 pm

The cold rain wept over his entire body, washing away the crimson red substance known as blood. While in front of him laid the body, of a young woman. Torn to shreds and pieces, claw mark all over her body. While her throat was ripped apart by a giant maw. At first glance one would think an animal would have done it, which wouldn't be entirely wrong. If that 'animal' didn't stand on two legs, and had the size of a small car.

This happened every once in a while, it was because of the beast within. Frederick knew that, and frankly didn't even tried to stop it. He did at first, but it was a futile fight. He knew that know, because it came at him. Gnawing at him, scratching him from the inside. The predator. The need to hunt, to stalk and to slaughter a prey. A primal bloodlust that the human psyche normally would suppress, but now since he was combined with one of the largest reptilian hunters known to men. It had become a part of him, a necessity, that if not quenched would only become worse and worse.

It always happened the same way, out of nowhere it started. Frederick could have done anything at that moment. Shopping for groceries, watching a game on the radio. Or just reading a book. Either way, the need to become the beast started make his presence known. Frederick always saw it as a tea kettle, which if not take away from the fire in tim. Would boil the water till it spilled all around. And went it happened, Frederick went out.

He would walk the streets, try to find someone. Didn't matter who, man or woman, rich or homeless. As long as he did find a prey, and when he did. He would stalk them, watch them. And follow them. Until the right moment arises. The moment that he could pull her away, throw her into the nearest back alley. And turn in the green monstrosity, only so that he could maul her. Carve his claws deep into her flesh, and rip her apart. Most people didn't even scream, they were just speechless with fear as they saw him gradually turn into that creature. Well not that it would help anyway, it was mostly night time when he went out 'hunting'. So their screams often were a futile effort.

The next day, Frederick was back into his human form. Which was actually a thirty four year old man. One with a full beard, and actually not that badly dressed as you would think of a vicious cold blooded killer. And if it was on accident, or maybe perhaps instinct he somehow ended back on the scene of his own crime. Only this time, daylight illuminated the back alley. There were also people, quite a number of them really. Some of them wore the blue outfits that belonged to the military around here. They already had set out a perimeter to investigate the area. But Frederick knew they wouldn't find anything. They never did.
He pushed himself between the crowd of onlookers, to get a last glimpse of his own actions. He did so until he reached a lint used to separate the crowd from the investigation. And immediately gazed on a white sheet, stained with red. That covered the entire body.

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