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AWRP (Another Warrior Roleplay) Empty AWRP (Another Warrior Roleplay)

Post by Eveninbreeze on Sun Apr 05, 2015 10:50 pm

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[font size="3"][a href=]Another Warrior Roleplay[/a][/font]
[font size="4"]The Dark Forest is causing the Clans to crumble.[/font]

[blockquote] The Dark Forest has grown restless, wanting nothing more than to cause trouble for the Clans. Several Dark Foresters devise a plan to convince the living that the warrior code is immoral, StarClan is actually the afterlife group filled with evil cats, and that everything they've been taught was incorrect.

Cats start believing this. Maybe they're insecure, maybe they're filled with some unanswered fury, could be that they're just plain ol' gullible. Either way, as cats start believing this, they begin to break the warrior code left and right by trespassing, harassing patrols of other Clans, going so far as to begin murdering other Clans' cats.

Unaware of the Dark Forest's actions, the leaders begin taking this poor behavior as a threat. They begin throwing accusations at the other leaders and battles break out.

The outbreak of rebellion against the warrior code and StarClan grows stronger. The cats begin fighting amongst their own Clanmates, some for good, others for evil.[/blockquote]

Will the Clans destroy themselves while the Dark Foresters sit back and watch?

-Friendly staff and members

-Plotting encouraged

-50 word minimum (our members are more than happy to help if you feel you cannot reach this)

-Account per member (all cats played on one account)

-Unlimited character amount

-Active roleplayers

-Over three years old

-More than 100,000 posts


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