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Post by Cheshire Cat on Sun Mar 01, 2015 3:14 pm

Okay, since the site opened before not too much, I feel like it would be in place for me to allow the first people to join the site, and make a decent character, to begin not as a lower tier (Tier 1), but as a higher tier. Obviously, in order to avoid people making a massive amount of Alternative characters just to grab the high tiers, I'm gonna limit people to having a single high tier. In general. If someone's main has Tier 5 for free, for example, None of his/hers alts can have any other Free Tier. Regardless if it is Tier 2 or 6.

In addition to that, once approved for a Free Tier, it will count as if whoever has it hold a limited position, and thus, whoever fails to keep their activity high enough, will lose his rank and will be lowered to Tier 1. The way to apply for Free Tier is rather simple; The only thing that has to be done is, check that the Tier you want is free, and then simply write in your app the Tier you'd like to start from.

Tier 6

Tier 5
Mei Ling-Shao
Nathaniel Hendrix

Tier 4

Tier 3
Capucine Lucroy

]Tier 2

Free Tiers! Tumblr_nec4bdiNSd1tspvtko2_r3_500
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