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Post by Kurosanai on Tue Apr 14, 2015 1:43 am

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It has been nearly 1200 years since the defeat of Majin Buu and the galaxy is a vastly different place. The heroes of old are no more, all of them claimed by the folds of time. Centuries have passed with relative peace, but history proves these times do not last forever. Will villains rise and send the galaxy into chaos or will new heroes emerge to maintain order?

Six months has passed since the fall of Mement Mor. The Saiyans continue to rebuild while Prometheus Zex moves the Omega Collective to the orbit of Belegost. The days of the old guard standing watch over the galaxy are coming to an end. A new generation is coming to power and with it change comes. Earth's leader prepares to step down while the Saiyan Queen Akassa Hattori gathers strength on the Moon. Will this coming change yield peace like it has been in the past or will it only bring war? Will millions of lives live in freedom or will they be enslaved to menacing power? But the true question is, what side will you fight for?

Dragon Ball Awakening: New Beginnings is a site featuring a unique back story, and a player friendly environment. But the true story is shaped in large part based on what actions characters take. If you are looking to join a site and be a part of the story that is entirely shaped around character's actions feel free to check us out. Below is a link to the sites prologue and after that feel free to look around. If you find yourself interested sign up and get involved to change the universe!

[*]Fun Writing Environment
[*]Caring, Attentive, Open Minded Staff
[*]Open Freestyle Writing

Dragon Ball Awakening: New Beginnings

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