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Post by John Cena on Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:36 pm

Name:  John Cena
Alias: Onyx
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 18
Age: 24
Sexuality:  Heterosexual
Important Appearance Characteristics: John has five different scars on his body,  he also has a tattoo on his waist that has the date of his first championship boxing title win

Personality: John is quiet, submissive and friendly on the surface, but inside he has an immense potential hidden, along with a strong, fierce independent streak. John can also be considered as one of the biggest dreamers you’ll ever meet, and desires to live in his own world at times.  John tends to look at life through rose-tinted glasses, something that allows him to emit charm, profundity, and romanticism that not many people can find in a man of his caliber. John, by nature, welcomes confrontation, and it’s what makes him rather vulnerable at times. When encountered by the harsh realities of life, he usually  thinks everything can be solved by bursting through them. People may view John as passive, or even headstrong and simple, but he often knows the best course for himself. Rick can be stubborn, but the ones who know him well will take this trifle shortcoming in their stride, usually because he can be so loving, caring, and compassionate. In the end, John has a tender heart, and he’s always trying to  reach out to rescue the less fortunate ones.
In games or sports, John is a pretty competitive guy. Before he became an alchemist, he was boxing for a living. Even before  professional boxing, he was bare knuckle fighting on the streets for money. In a fight, John sees it as an opportunity to prove that’s he’s he best at what he does. There is always a mutual respect with his opponents, but it comes with the intent of fully  taunting the enemy to bait them at times. John is a proud fighter,  but his pride comes with winning, which means that he doesn’t follow the same set of rules that he was restricted to as a professional boxer now that he’s an alchemist. If he can win his way, then winning another way is all the same to him.

His build can fool any man, his eyes are as hard as steel. But, once you get to know him, you would figure out that John is a little more sensitive compared to the average male. This brand of sensitivity spreads upon the concept of being discreet and careful about his words of choice. John personally avoids derogatory terms and labels, and always makes the strong effort to purge them from his vocabulary. John is often displaying a quick and delicate appreciation towards the feelings of others, for all men (and women) are created equal. This was born from being a victim of these things by having an ishvalan mother, not wanting to spread the hate in return.


  • Boxing: Boxing is John's past time. It keeps him in shape and it was his while life at a point, it gave his life meaning.

  • Beer: Not much of a fan of the heavy stuff, but John can enjoy a good beer with someone

  • The Ladies are another thing, John always has time for the ladies


  • Racism: John has a hard time putting up with the racial slurs of another.  As a matter of fact, he doesn't put up with it at all.

  • Chimera: There was a time when one of those damn things got loose and somehow found its way  in John's  Championship title fight. After it killed John's opponent, he literally fought with the damn thing in the ring until the state alchemists came to the rescue. The result of trying to box with a monster resulted in the majority of his scars.

  • Not getting paid: Not to be a dick, John loves serving his country and helping people. However, he doesn't like working for free too often when it comes to official assignments. Being a state alchemist is his only source of income since he doesn't box professionally anymore after the accidents. One of his dreams is to open a gym, and not getting paid hinders that.


  • Losing the use of his arms-  Like it was said before, boxing was  John's life at a point. To lose the use of his arms can devastate his confidence and hinder a lot of his passion.

  • Fighting a losing battle-  John's pride is something hat prevents him from running away a times, but there are battles where his pride can get in he way and consider his actions suicide. His conflicts with realism in certain situations become a problem, and hes afraid of doing i "John's Way" at times when there is a "Smart way" to go about it.

  • Not being able to save someone-  After John's one on one street fight with the chimera that invaded his championship fight, his actions took off most of the attention from the spectators, bu he was almost killed. A state alchemist saved him, and he feels that being an Alchemist can return the debt  so he too can save someone at the most crucial moments. He's afraid of failing that objective..

General Appearance:

Face-Claim: John Cena "ONYX" Mortal_Kombat_Jax Jackson Briggs "JAX" Mortal Kombat
Height: 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Weight: 260 lb (120 kg).
Hair: John sports a dark Cesar  and contains black hair.
Skin Tone: Brown
Appearance: John contains a physically fit body, with only 14% of body fat. His actual measurements go as follows, with his chest being 50 inches, his waist being 35 inches, his arms/biceps being 20 inches, and his legs/thighs standing at 31 inches. As an African American/ ishvalan male, John’s skin tone is brown skinned, but contains a small shine to it as if he was oiled.  He has broad shoulders, and a fierce dark face. It was a face to be dominated by, or to fight: never a face to patronize or pity. John contains a clear complexion, along  with the small scar in the shape of a dash on his left eyebrow, towards the edge.  That scar is the only noticeable one. The eyebrows themselves are thin and slightly pointy, containing the same color as his hair; they also help to compliment his short eyelashes.  John’s sideburns are also thin, and he sports a Van Dyke beard with a soul patch right under his lower lip.  His ears are small, and his nose is skinny and straight.  John also contains high cheek bones, with lips that could be seen by others as narrow.  And lastly, John has straight white teeth with a square jaw. All his movements are large and perfectly balanced, like those of a wild animal. John is also exclusively left handed, all because of the small saying he heard as a child that stated “Those who rule over the left, can rule the world.”.

John wears a dark green military style combat attire with steel plating.  For casual attire, he  wears a simple track suit, linking back to his previous boxing days. For official meetings, he wears he blue sate alchemist attire  but the top is a short sleeve vest that’s opened.


Current Affiliation: State Alchemist
Tier: Everyone starts as Tier 1.


History: Must be at least 400 words long. Must begin explaining things about the family of the character. If the infornation about his parents is unknown, simply specify it and skip on to the next part. Everything must be explained here, beginning from birth, early childhood, childhood, etc... This part, however, is optional. Characters that want to do it, can do it, and those that do not, will be able to leave this blank and do it posteriorly.
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Everything is perfect, so....

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