Fate X Destiny [Zeta]

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Fate X Destiny [Zeta]

Post by Ryuji Nakamura on Tue Apr 07, 2015 6:21 pm

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We're a brand new multi-verse RPG that combines elements of Dragonball Z, Yu-Yu Hakusho, Bleach and Yu-Gi-Oh, in an effort to create an awesome role-play experience for everyone to enjoy! If you're a casual writer looking to get your feet wet you're more than welcomed to join us. If you're something an RP veteran there will be a plethora of things for you to enjoy on our forum as well! We use a stat system for battles, however you're free to have a battle based purely on role-play as well! Be sure to check us out and join up today!

Ryuji Nakamura

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