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Moose, Eh? - super powers rp, jcink Empty Moose, Eh? - super powers rp, jcink

Post by Boston on Tue Apr 07, 2015 4:08 am

Moose, Eh? - super powers rp, jcink Mooseehad2_zpsjimd4cew


Set in modern day Vancouver, Moose, Eh? is a Canadian, weird, off-beat take on gifted/superpower life! The gifted people of Moose, Eh? are in a little bit of a conundrum: do they protest against the Natural Order of Canada, an extremist hate group continue to attack them, their rights and even their businesses? Or do they let their oppressors take control of their lives and powers? Some gifted people are fighting for their rights and against anti-gifted sympathizers but others, are...well, keeping their powers secret while going on with their everyday lives.

So what can Moose, Eh? offer you? We offer:

  • fun atmosphere
  • laid back, friendly community
  • no word count
  • custom gifts/superpowers
  • the option to play gifted or non-gifted
  • three application styles; traditional, freestyle, short hand
  • diverse cast
  • LGBT+ friendly IC and OOC environment
  • no activity checks
  • RPG rating of 322/ PG-13 rating
  • relaxed play-by rules

Moose, Eh? is a small but active community of adult role players that love to have a good time exploring a world where average, everyday citizens lead not so everyday lives with their superpowers. We love off beat characters like the punk rock dad who will never age, government super spies next door, and the restaurateur who just might be the Norse god of Thunder- so we just might be the perfect fit for the off beat character you've been dying to play!

Come and see us sometime!

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