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Name: Winter White
Alias: 'The Cannon Alchemist'
Gender: Male
Birthday: 12/21
Age: 18
Sexuality: Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy? (Homosexual)
Important Appearance Characteristics: Purple Eyes

Personality: When one would think about Winter, one likely thinks of their best friend. See, Winter hardly seems to not get along with anyone, so intrinsically, he's not the usual image of a person's enemy in any given situation. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean that he can't be someone's enemy, it simply means that he doesn't have the face or personality of someone another would loathe for any reason. Lieutenant General White is a man of great respectability, who not only epitomizes honor, but has a track record of never making people see him as a generally bad person if he could help it.

Winter is a man who attained his power and status through years of dedicated hard work, research, and ingenuity not found in others. Since his Alchemical talent was low early in his career, he showed that he was capable of being a State Alchemist with his sheer ingenuity alone, taking a simple alchemical process and turning it into a plausible signature weapon. Through this, his increasing talent and knowledge pertaining to the study of alchemy and science in general, has lead him to be a force to be reckoned with, and while his tactics don't seem complex at first, a systematic breakdown of how he operates make higher ranking officers and threats to the status quo tingle with excitement at the thought of even a simple game of chess.

The Lieutenant General is a tactical mind unseen in his generation, and is therefore often considered indispensable by any stretch of the word. His pairing of genius-level analytical skill and his simple-yet effective methodology in tweaking his basic alchemical formula to suit a given foe makes him among the elite when it comes to alchemist versus alchemist combat. They say the only way to beat him is to do it on the first try, because you won't have another chance. Exaggeration or not, his skill is undeniable in the end, so many fear him as a piece on any battlefield.

Now, despite his exquisite record and overall rating as a top-class soldier in the State Alchemists' Forces, he isn't without his inherent flaws. The first of his flaws is his Hemophobia, which he's gotten under wraps by appearance, but is still unable to let a single murder he's committed go. While he no longer vomits when he makes a kill like he did in his past, Winter could tell the story of each and every kill he's ever made in vivid detail, since the blood traumatizes him and burns itself into he memory every time. He remembers the order in which he's killed people, their faces when he did so, and even all of their last words. As an iconic figure in the State Alchemists, he does not let people onto this, and thanks to his immense lying capabilities, courtesy of his career choice, he has even managed to bluff this weakness into secretiveness, where it used to be common knowledge.

The second flaw is his absolute codependency on other people. In general, Winter strives for friendship, camaraderie, and acceptance from his peers and everyone around him. For this reason, the Lieutenant General makes himself strive for the top in every endeavor he has. His need, no, his lust for the approval of the people around him drives him to push himself far beyond what a man his age should be capable of doing, learning, and discovering. Nothing Winter does is ever to be considered 'normal' by any stretch of the rumors it sparks, and he actively makes sure that he leaves nothing done half way. His active pursuit of excellency in all that he undertakes takes its toll on him, with each passing rumor of his success he must hide a thousand failures and a dozen more hours of lost sleep.

His final, and probably most crippling flaw is his loyalty to his government. Whereas most soldiers have some level of conscience when considering their orders, Winter has molded himself to be unquestioning and loyal. He would kill his parents just because the Fuhrer asked him to, and kill thousands of innocent civilians in cold blood for the same reason. Lieutenant General White has almost utterly given up on ethics, since all they would do to him is make him feel worse for the atrocities he commits more frequently than he would be proud of. He doesn't let things like compassion or friendship bar him from certain actions when it comes to the military, he understands his place better than anyone. If one were to crack open the icy exterior of his professionalism, and actually see how he feels about everything he'd done, they'd probably regret it simply because of how utterly pathetic he is, and given any amount of legitimate empathy, might even cry for or with him.

That said, his flaws are generally made up for by his all around easygoing outward appearance, and the fact that he doesn't seem to mind anyone else's way of life. Winter easily gets along well with everyone he's allowed, and often times beyond that limitation as well. When it comes down to it, this Lieutenant General is a hell of a guy, vivacious, full of amity and tolerance beyond what most expect from a State Alchemist.

On a romantic level, Winter is easily the most chilled out yet by-the-book guy a partner could wish for. He likes long walks on the beach, the smell of scented candles by the dinner table, and he even loves to cook for his friends, family and lovers. Winter might, in fact, be the perfect specimen of 'boyfriend-material' to ever grace the ranks of the State Alchemists. Girls may swoon over a brief profile of his romantic achievements and interest over his short career of such activities, but they would soon be met with utter disappointment when they learn that he's not into them at all.

He finds women to be far too complex and high maintainance to be worth the struggle of dating one, and prefers to just go with someone he can understand and be attracted to. Most folks who happen to fit that criteria just so happen to be of the male genotype, and happen to fit with such enormous frequency that it becomes safe to generalize that he does not find women sexually attractive. That isn't to say there isn't the rare instance that a woman may materialize from the aether and just so happen to be so perfect for men that it just jumped right over the sexuality barrier and into his heart, but honestly, what are the odds that he'd have enough in common with a sexuality-turningly sexy woman to make understanding her and being her friend just enough of a simplicity to make a doable long term thing?

So in thesis, Winter is a professional who strives to perfect the arts and sciences of alchemical research, and remains unquestioningly loyal to his government, despite his fears and insecurities. All the while, he is a friendly person who prefers men sexually, but gets along well with everyone nonetheless, no matter how they decide to go about their life. In the end, he is a well-respected man, who earned his rank through a career bursting with achievement after achievement again, excelling himself wherever possible in order to become a man to which others are compared. His need for acceptance and friendship being a key factor in all that he does, Lieutenant General White will strive to better himself further and further until he drives himself into an early grave if he must in order to maintain the smile that holds him together.

  1. Dogs: Literally his favorite animal, he likes dogs almost to a fault. He is an expert in the ways of dealing with pooches of all sorts, and knows how to train, play with, and love dogs of all kinds. He's familiar with every breed of dog, and knows how to take care of all kinds of dogs. That said, it is a wonder why he doesn't have a dog of his own...
  2. Carbs: Winter is the kind of guy who chows down on food, eating more than his body weight in a day sometimes, yet never seems to gain weight. That said, his favorite foods are high in carbohydrate count and/or protein, enjoying cheese, steak, and pasta, often on the same plate, usually in humorously heaping quantities which leave co-workers scratching their heads.
  3. Inside Jokes: He is a fan of comedy, and in particular, comedy nobody else seems to get because he and a select few others are the only ones who understand it. Winter is the guy who will give someone a woefully esoteric nickname which will lead to stories needing to be told time and time again so outsiders can be let in on why it's funny.
  4. Punks Getting Curbstomped: Not literally. Winter quite enjoys the odd sense of satisfaction when someone who was originally minding their own business is provoked by an ignorant or otherwise irritating individual who needs a fist in their face, and gives them what they deserve. Like when an ex military veteran judo flips some street punk with no discipline, or a seemingly weak nerd lifts up and slams a bully twice his size.


  1. Punks: This is a general term for anyone who is annoying or ignorant enough to actually start or provoke physical altercations over matters of opinion, the latter usually done by personal assaults that are unrelated to the topic. The sort of people who need a fist in their face.
  2. Red: The color red is something he dislikes as a general rule of thumb, it's his least favorite, color and when it's the primary color of something, it reminds him of blood, making him disgusted.
  3. Winter: The season of winter, that is. It is a cold time of year, but that does not mean that his outside duties can be shirked. It makes his life more difficult, so what reason would he have to like it, really?
  4. Secrets: Especially secrets being kept from him. Now, Winter can keep a secret from others, and is a hell of a liar when it comes down to it... But one thing he cannot stand is when people don't trust him enough to tell him their secrets, and the offense he takes to this gets worse the closer he feels he is with the subject.


  1. Blood: He has hemophobia, due to an innate hatred of bloody conflict. He's not afraid of it in the traditional sense, as he many times is required to spill blood for the government as a state alchemist, but he finds blood to be disgusting and utterly traumatizing. He remembers each kill he makes, their expressions as he made them, and how much blood spilled because of it. When he is injured himself to significant bloodiness, he is known to vomit when the adrenaline dies down.
  2. Loneliness: Winter is more of a social creature than most others. While most others can carry on for days on end with minimal contact with human beings, he craves friendship and camaraderie for literally as long as he can have it. He fears total isolation, to the point of immediately considering suicide should it ever come up for real.
  3. The Afterlife: The concept of death itself is not something that scares him, but what comes afterwards. See he doesn't particularly have a religious belief in mind, and the only ones he knows of has him going straight to hell when he dies. Circumstances be damned. That said, he fears that his life of killing for his country at the command of a higher ranking officer will lead him to an eternal isolation in an ever-expansive ocean of blood, or fire and brimstone. Would he die for his country? Yes, but he does not at all look forward to what comes next.

General Appearance:

Face-Claim: No Play-By
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 168 Lbs
Hair: Brown, Neck-length, Very Feathery
Skin Tone: Caucasian, not pale, not tan.
Appearance: Winter is an average-sized guy who, with an average-looking build when you're just looking at him in the streets of the Central. At a glance, there is nothing special about him at all. However beyond all of that, he's quite the looker if you'd hand that much to him. Winter stands at an even 5'8" with his height evenly split between his upper and lower body, and his body, stark nude, isn't toned so much as... hiding something. Looking at him one would see his body as build like any other soldiers, but he's more than capable of revealing the results of his training.

Since a young age, in the soul society, for a soul that is, he has trained in the art of Military Close Quarters Combat under a retired military veteran. While his early career was spent under direct tutelage, the remainder of his life even to this day has been spent honing his physique and personal spin on the style itself. This training has allowed him to have an interesting muscular structure which while not tensed up significantly, would look flat, and uninteresting. However, when he tenses up his muscles, they can bulk up enough to make his clothes fit him all of a sudden. Or clothes that normally fit him will rip off of his body like something out of an Dragon Ball Z movie.

While this physique could be considered worrisome by many, it's not actually a legitimate hindrance in any way, in fact, having muscles so perfectly packed together as to be able to be unpacked violently, allows him to be very imposing, letting him intimidate those weaker than him without having to use his strength. The muscles are big, although that's just a matter of physique.

As a well trained and somewhat disciplined soldier, who fights with a brutal combination of Military CQC and Marksmanship, he has roughly the posture one would expect of him. Winter's come a long way from the days where his hands were in his pockets and he had the oddball sleepy turtle look going on. His posture is upright and respectable, not a hint of his slacker-ish past to him. He walks around very easily like this, and doesn't have any issues like he used to. His shoulders are back, chest puffed out (but not puffed out puffed out) and his arms tend to be crossed.

That said, overtop of these muscles is a caucasian coat of skin. He's not pale, but he's not exactly tan either, he has the perfect generic white skin tone. Winter's skin is not flawless, he has a mole on his upper left chest, another on his right shoulder, and a third one on his face, below his eye lip on the left side. No, that is not a piercing. This guy doesn't do piercings or any other form of 'body art', finding that they'd ruin his image.

Winter is interesting in that his hair is probably his sexiest feature on its own. Without getting weird fetishes involved, his hair is a brown coloration, lacks a widow's peak, and naturally has a feathery look to it. His hair naturally grows in tufts and layers which make any hair style he has rather spiky. That said, he likes to keep his hair neck length, and doesn't generally tend to style it himself, letting the wind, pillow, and water do the work for him. That doesn't mean he doesn't know how to style his hair, but when every head of hair you have is absolute perfection, the only thing you need to style your hair with is class.

Below this wonderful set of hair is a moderately attractive male face. His facial shape is rather square, not blocky, but his cheeks lead down to his jaw line, and his chin is less pronounced than the triangle shaped bishonen look. Basically the face of a young adult, as far as shape goes. His eyebrows are the same color as his hair, but lack the feathery texture due to not having enough length. Jokes could be made about how if he didn't trim his eyebrows, they would probably grow into wings and allow him to fly with them. While this is a funny concept, he'd rather not let them grow out to determine if it's true or not.

His eyes, if you simply hate hair as a thing, are his next best feature. Winter's eyes are almond-shaped, and have a distinctly exotic hue to them, that hue being akin to a translucent purple amethyst. They are further accentuated by a black ring around the pupil, which looks almost like someone took a pencil and colored the middle ring of his iris a sloppy gray, scribbling it in there. His eyelashes are thin, keeping at least some masculinity to his gaze.

The remaining features often deemed unimportant by people who have no time to write a decent appearance, are just about normal. His nose is of normal size and placement, having slightly wider nostrils than usual, but not enough to warrant some kind of special mention. His ears have lobes that hang a bit lower than normal, a centimeter at worst, though it is notably round, making on wonder why he doesn't even pierce one, since he has the perfect ears for it. His mouth is interesting if you're into that kind of thing, it's small when he's being quiet and seems to grow in size depending on the volume of his voice while speaking or his other utterances while eating.

The most common expression to see on his face aside the stock stoic look one may have been imagining from the description itself, would have to be one of casual laughter. This face is usually seen when he's having a conversation. He has this weird way of laughing in body language where he looks like he's giving it a pity laugh. Winter's eyebrows angle so their inner parts are higher, one higher than the other, and he laughs with both eyes open and usually not very hard, sometimes only huffing air out of his nose.

Second to that in commonness would be one of him being totally stern. This one was recently added into his repertoire when he had to take charge of more situations. Winter doesn't look scary as much as imposing his presence. His eyebrows will be perfectly straight, his mouth closed and his eyes very focused on either the group, or the person he is confronting. Many would refer to this as his 'deadly serious' look, and it pops out when people don't do their paperwork, someone just invaded Central, or if he's planning a funeral. Just about anytime things go sour, he puts on his 'modface' as others like to call it.

His hands and feet are well maintained, and very normally sized. His hands are shaped to optimize dexterity from an evolutionary standpoint, having the hands of a musician before you'd think the hands of a soldier. His feet are pretty normal, a bit wide so he has to find 'wide' shoes of his size in order to comfortably wear shoes. He makes up for this by sticking to the usual combat boots. Laterally, Winter is left handed, and does most things with his left hand, including fighting, writing, and throwing jabs. His right hand is used heavily for power more than anything, albeit with prompting anything his right hand can do, he can do with his left, probably even better. Furthermore he leads with his right leg when walking.

Moving on to his usual outfits, and what better to start with that his State Alchemist outfit. His personal preference is the usual outfit, made 2 sizes too big for him at least. This is because when he bulks up, he doesn't want to fill out the paperwork to requisition a new uniform. That said, he also likes to wear a totally different outfit underneath the usual attire for a state alchemist. Usually it's something casual, albeit it's almost always fitting depending on the thread, almost as if he predicts the kinds of situations he's about to be in.

Outside of military uniform, Winter is very likely to be seem looking like someone who is cosplaying as Sherlock Holmes, wearing a nice outfit under a trench coat, and often a fancy hat, such as a fedora or a bowling cap. The only trench coat he owns is the stock khaki color, but the outfits underneath are just as various as what he may wear under his military uniform. Albeit showing a bit more class, since he'll never be seen wearing a funny t-shirt or swimming trunks.

When combat breaks out, he has a tendency to tie his hair back into a feathery ponytail, which doesn't go down the way he would want, but at the same time, keeps his hair out of his eyes. Kohaku is very careful about keeping things out of his line of sight to his foe, so hair being in the way would be a rookie mistake.


Current Affiliation: State Alchemist
Tier: Tier 4 (Free Tier Announcement)


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An Absolutely brilliant app. Good job.

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