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Post by Raphael Fable on Mon Apr 06, 2015 1:21 am

Black Lighnting  360fx360f
Name: Black Lightning
Type: Gun
Tier: 3
Close/Long-Range:Mid-Range to Long-Range
Description: The gun has a range of 0 feet to 70 feet. The gun is 4 feet from trigger to  the tip of the barrel.

  • Accuracy: Do to the fact that it's a pistol its shot is accurate at from 0 feet to 50 feet.

  • Range:The gun has a maximum range of 70 feet, but has a chance of hitting a target outside of that range.


  • Short Range: Due to the fact that the gun is a pistol it has a maximum range of 70 feet.

  • Defensive Spells: Due to the fact that the bullets are not enhanced bullets or armor piercing the bullets can not penetrate armor or defensive techniques.
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