3. The Truth and the Homunculus

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3. The Truth and the Homunculus

Post by Cheshire Cat on Sat Dec 13, 2014 9:03 am

1. The Truth

The Truth. How can we define the Truth? Truth is a "god", an intangible being that oversees and controls all Alchemy exchanges in the world. He only appears when Alchemists realise the Human Transmutation, or, as he often describes it, "Humans who attempt to play God", and he appears in front of the Alchemist, at the Gates, to give those who were desperate, or arrogant enough to attempt the Human trnasmutation, a proper despair, by taking something from that person, their most valued attribute, or something of value that represents their anticipated relationship to the person they are trying to create, or resurrect.

So what is Truth going to do in an RP? As there will be Alchemists who will want to include Human transmutation in their backstory, Truth is an compulsory character in this RP. Characters who are willing to have Human Transmutation in their backstory, will have to lose a body part, or a sense, like in Mustang's case, in order to compensate for the immense advantage that seeing Truth brings; Transmutating without using Transmutation circles. However, seeing as letting a character chose alone which attribute he loses is something fairly easy to manipulate, each character that wants to have Human Transmutation in his/hers backstory will have to roll a dice, which will determine which body part they lose. Naturally, some characters may lose their sight, or their hearing, others may lose their limbs, etc. This means that some characters will have it more difficult than others, yes, but that's where the fun of RP is at! Some blind characters may turn into insanely good Alchemists one day, who knows.

Right, so, a dice specially to set what body part an alchemist loses. Alchemists who have Human Transmutation in their history are required to roll this dice in the area specifically set for it, and describe the lost atribute clearly in their character application. Characters who fail to either roll the dice and include an attribute in their application that they lose of their own chosing, or fail to place the correct body part they have lost, will recieve a penalty for breaking the rules, which will be decided between the staff.

2. The Homunculus

The Homunculus, or Homunculi, are, as most know, artificial humans created by another individual that have a Philosopher's stone as a Heart, and are one of the main antagonists in the Fullmetal Alchemist series. They are characters who have insane abilities in one determined area [Physique alteration, Mimicking, Resistance increase, etc.] and possess Regenerative abilities, which make them characters of insane strength that are almost ubeatable. And because of that, the Homunculus are NON-PLAYABLE characters in Price of Your Soul. Having an Homunculus character is strictly forbidden to normal players, as there are already specific accounts created for the Homunculus, which, naturally, are controlled by staff. And why is it forbidden? As mentioned before, Homunculus are insanely Over-Powered characters. In order to avoid Players manipulating incorrectly the Humunculus Powers, for their own benefit, or just Roleplaying incorrectly the character, the staff has established this rule.

If any player, regardless of his position, tier, etc, fails to follow this rule, it will result in a decrease in the warning bar of the player and a penalty for breaking the rules.

As mentioned in previous rules threads, Homunculus will appear on special events, as main figures in the site story, or if not, as main anthagonists of an Arc. Defeating an Homunculus will end up in an EXP and Money reward for the victorious character, although, defeating an Homunculus is no easy task! In addition to that, Homunculus have the right to invade character threads, regardless if they are closed or not, and begin a fight with an Alchemist, although staff will usually attempt to avoid invading romantic threads and/or plot threads... Usually.

In addition to that; all Homunculus have their own tier, which means that they are not comparable to any of the other tiers. The Homunculus Tier is called Tier Humunculi, and it is the highest tier, which is only achievable by Homunculus and nobody else.
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