Brunhilda "Hildi" von Heinrich

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Brunhilda "Hildi" von Heinrich

Post by Hildi on Sun Apr 05, 2015 3:39 am

Name: Brunhilda "Hildi" von Heinrich
Alias: Hildi
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 22nd
Age: 21
Sexuality: Straight
Important Appearance Characteristics: N/A

Personality: An exceedingly loyal personal that it pretty much defines her as a person, her loyalty isn’t won over by cheap tricks or long speeches, pure undeniable strength, whether it be physical, mental or even emotional. With a strong sense of ambition she pushes herself and those she knows quite well, to achieve their goals no matter what the cost. Her reputation is something very important to her, where to her it can also be a weapon or an armor, in her own crude description. Those that hear her name should either shroud in fear or roar in their favor as she is that 100ton weight that tips the scale of the battle field. She becomes much more frivolous and open minded, when released from the stress. This is her more "liked" personality, even to herself, some times wishes to own it if not for the high regard to her captains, who she wishes to respect and follow to the highest of standards. Her emotions are characterized and are easy to notice from her flailing embarrassment to her prideful chest striding walk.

She is quite talkative and intuitive when she's among her comrades, seeing things from other perspectives, different from her own expands her view of the world, especially when her's was handed to her rather then obtaining it herself. She enjoys the feeling of being surrounded by others, especially when within danger zones or anywhere other then towns or cities. With others there's always something to do. Though there are times where her feelings of remorse or guilt sink through the cracks and cause her to think more about the situation at hand rather then moving forward, sometimes clouding her judgement and actions.

She is quite arrogant, where she is almost always boasting about something about herself, where it doesn’t even have to be about the conversation, or how the conversation started. What she usually boasts about is her own strength, especially when the topic of the day is about past battles. She rarely becomes jealous of others and their accomplishments, she believes that if she wasn't apart of it then it must of not been that big of a deal, and probably could have been done by anyone that strode through the area.

~In Battle~

She is quite hectic and vigorous when entering the battlefield, as in she likes to go big when she fights any opponent. Most of her attacks aren't even actual techniques, where as she just swings her weapon toward her opponent a few hundred times before calling it an actual attack. She's pretty lively within and even entering battle, as the battlefield is a place where it's always going to need you on your toes. Boastful and attentive like a lions grace in the plains, where her strikes are made swiftly but pack large amounts of strength where her enemies are dumbfounded of who they've confronted.

She absolutely hates fighting in large groups. She doesn't like having to look after others when a fight is brewed as it could lead to her being attacked when she probably could have had dodged it, if they weren't in the way. Along with it possibly being her kill, some might not even participate until the enemy is near death and take in for the finishing strike. She's acknowledges this trait of hers and came up with the solution as to counter it and that is to make a competition of it. First to kill the enemy wins and there's no holding back, if they get caught in the others attack it's their fault entirely.

- Power in all forms: She takes pride in her strength and always wants to make it stronger. Finding those who show promise or can make her kneel before them are things she strives for in order to achieve things, such as make them bow before her. She knows that there are different forms of power, whether it's held within one person or a thousand, physical or scientific.
- Respect: To her "Respect" is the same as a currency or economic solution to the population, she deems it more powerful then wealth in all it's variations. Though she isn't one to be the first to show respect, it is those around her that needs to show her respect or obtain her respect by proving themselves to her. Medals, honors, recommendations are things others have put on those they think are great, not her, which is why she wants them to prove themselves to her.
- The Incredible/Impossible: She like every alchemist has a want to discover, things that others say that are impossible are the things she likes to pursue toward. Even if someone she trusted her life with told her the outcome they've found, she'll still try to attempt it herself to find her own answer. The unanswered questions that everyone wants the answers to.

- Losing in all forms: For her to lose is like a two sided coin, where on one hand it was complete bullshit luck or she wasn't at her best when the battle occurred. Either way she never truly likes the feeling of losing to another, especially those that aren't worth it or aren't trying to prove something to her. At some point it takes a more comical direction, when losing to things that doesn't even fit to be considered victorious or things that don't truly matter, such as being more feminine, cooking abilities or even the length of ones toe nails.
- Closed Spaces: She always likes to feel free and never in chains. It's not that being in a room itself, that bothers her but the idea of being secluded within a small world held down by man themselves, without the ability to escape that does. And strives to break through any and all situations that feels similar.
- Sour Foods: Though it doesn't affect her emotionally, she does like things that make her feel better than most, whereas sour foods doesn't. They make her crinkle and tighten up when they touch her lips that she might curse on the spot as to how sour they really are. Basically she thinks their disgusting and hates it when she's accidentally put something as such in her mouth, without being notified.

- Death: Even she isn't immortal and could die, especially the way she treats battle or fights. And for that she fears the cold embrace of death, as she doesn't want to smile at him when they cross paths but laugh in his face for she continues living.
- Unable to keep her promises: Promises are kept for life no matter what it was or who it was with. She deems them a thread unseen both others and one strong enough that they can bring entire races together if kept to the end. For her to keep a promise and break would be the same as dying for no one and left there, like a tree falling from it's roots without anyone to hear it.
- Chiraptophobia (Fear of Being Touched, Mostly by men): She's grew a bad case of Chiraptophobia when she was growing up, as to her fathers wretched drinking habit, she was found as his own living punching bag. With this she likes to keep herself in a safe distance between people, especially men. When being touched she goes into a blanked state and does anything in order remove herself from their grip.

General Appearance:

Face-Claim: Elesis (Crimson Avenger) from ElSword
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 124lbs
Hair: Long soft scarlet hair that falls below her waist, she keeps the back end of her hair tied with a red or black band making sure that her hair isn't loose. Her side bangs are as long as the back and reaches past her waist and her front bangs are cut past her eyebrows hiding a part of her eyes.
Skin Tone: Light
Appearance: Hildi's appearance can be described in a few simple words, Petite and Devilish. She stands at a height of 5'5" a average height for most women but to her she still considers herself pretty short. Her body type would best be considered slim yet built. Her slender arms and legs seem quite slim on the outside, but they are strong from continuous training. Yet slim, her body still has her curvacious attributes, from her small waist and thighs. Her soft white skin prominently brightens her scarlet red hair and above that her own reddish hazel eyes.

As for her own attire, she wears a skin tight battle suit. It closely resembles a a dress, with no back as well as no real skirt. On one side there is a loose black cloak that's belted to her side. While on the other side two belts that hang on the opposite side. She wears some leggings, beneath some skin tight thigh high boots, black with red trims. The same for her gloves.


Current Affiliation: Independent Alchemist
Tier: Tier 2


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Re: Brunhilda "Hildi" von Heinrich

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