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Post by Raphael Fable on Sat Apr 04, 2015 9:03 pm

Name: Raphael Fable
Alias: Static Atom & Spark Gun
Gender: Male
Birthday: 17, December
Age: 21
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Important Appearance Characteristics: Anything your character has, like, tattoos, scars, missing limbs, automails, etc.

Regularly Raphael tries to be intelligent, he acts on wits and not emotion. Coming from a long line of genius alchemist Raphael has been taught that intelligence is a great tool than sheer power. When faced with a problem Raphael analyzes, decides, and lastly acts he believes that if you don't understand the problem throughly you won't be able to properly address it.

Within a battle Raphael acts on the same theory, understanding than acting. Overall in a battle Raphael tends to get to excited allowing for his adrenaline to control his actions, often making rash decisions. When in a battle and faced with multiple opponents or a single stronger opponent he tries to find the opponents weakness and exploit it so he can can an advantage.

Raphael likes to think of himself as a ladies man. Even though he gets extremely nervous when around woman. Growing up in such a big family, Raphael was often ignored since he had such a meek presence. There were days when he wouldn't be able to eat because he didn't know when dinner time was, compared to a very bold person Raphael besides his height you wouldn't be able to notice him.

When around men Raphael tries to asses the man or men and be the exact opposite of them. Growing up with an abusive father Raphael has developed an intense hatred towards men. Especially bold men, because they remind him of his father. When around extremely bold men Raphael tries to conceal his presence and tries to go unnoticed.

When around women that Raphael finds attractive he tries to be bold, but while remaining subtle. Raphael believes in purity and beauty are the worlds most important things, but while holding those morales Raphael seeks power above all. Raphael values morales and he finds its easy to asses someone over their basic actions.

Growing up how he did, Raphael acts weird around people he hasn't yet to learn about. Following the theory that a man is not worth more than the material that makes him. When in large groups Raphael has always seemed to be the third wheel, never when in a group has Raphael been the center of attention. While in a group Raphael doesn't comment or speak out loud fearing that his thoughts would be ignored or frowned upon. But when alone Raphael comes off to be quite the out going and intellectual being.

When in a small group Raphael tends to speak more and let's his ideas be known freely not fearing the judgement of the masses.

  • Sword: Over the years by taking extensive sword training Raphael has developed a liking to swords.

  • Gloves: Due to the fact that when using alchemy his gloves are his medium Raphael has developed a liking to them. Because his hands aren't stained with the blood of his enemies.

  • Rings: Rings are expensive and subtle unlike bold necklaces and hats, rings fit on your hands where most people don't catch them.


  • Men:Having an extremely rough relationship with his father Raphael has an extremely large dislike of men.

  • Fire:After having his house burn down while still a child and having his family killed Raphael dislikes fire, and tries to find any alternative.

  • Gold:The money plague that rules the world, gold a currency that no one can deny.


  • Fire: The trauma of having his family murderd has haunted Raphael ever since that day his house mysteriously caught a blaze leaving only him and his older sister living. Since that day 10 years ago Raphael cries and hides when seeing fire.

  • Murky Water: Pure is the only thing that comes to mind when Raphael thinks of something water, and having water being murky is a fear of Raphael since he values purity above all things.

  • Fat People: Grownung up having to fight for his life on the streets Rapahel fears fat people, because it shows what he could become if he ever stops searching for the alchemist that killed his family.

General Appearance:
Raphael Fable[Complete] Vongola-Primo-vongola-primo-giotto-24531644-513-720
Face-Claim: Gioto Vongola(a.k.a Primo) -Reborn
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 211
Hair: His hair is gold, when wet its sinks to his shoulders, but when dry is spiky.
Skin Tone: Light/Caucasian
Appearance: Trying his best not to come off to flashy Raphael wears a gray or black long sleeve collared shirt. On top of that collared shirt Raphael normally wears a white or black sleeveless vest. The thing that you will most likely always see Raphael wearing is his black cloak. The cloak is strung across the front with pendants, from awards that his family has won in the alchemy field. These pendants were the only thing recovered from the fire, Raphael treasures them with great pride. The buttons to Raphael's white vest are gold, and to his black vest there white. To go with his gray collared shirt Raphael wears a green tie.


Current Affiliation: State Alchemist
Tier: Tier 4


History:Raphael grew up in the main family of the Fable, the eighth heir to the family and its fortune. The family were alchemy geniuses, they had been making break through sin alchemy since its founder. Raphael grew up close to his sister, his mother and father neglected Raphael due to his lack of talent in the field of alchemy. Even though he acceded in martial arts and marksmanship his parents were always reminded of his short comings. Raphael had to take countless lessons in alchemy it wasn't that he wasn't able to do transmutations or other things but Raphael's craft lacked talent. The Fable family was famed for its alchemy, but

Raphael found his happiness in things such as guns and hand to hand combat. Raphael trained tirelessly in martial arts and marksmanship, when Raphael became better at alchemy at the age of 11 he was famed as "Static Atom" and "Spark Gun" he used gloves and pistols as his alchemical mediums. It's was 2 months away from Raphael's birthday, he had come home from his marksman lessons and while riding his horse back he watched as his home burned. Outside of the house stood his sister and the Fable family butler; James.

Raphael when arriving at the home walked up to his sister saying "Elena, what's happened here?" Elena turned around with tears running down her face "Then house someone caught a blaze as I was out doing my riding lessons with James." Raphael walked up to the house, he could still here the cries for help from his family, but no one in the Fable family had paid attention to Water alchemy. The towns firefighters had come, but there was no one left to save the blaze had taken the family, their belongings, and most of all the loved ones.

Alchemist were called in to inspect the scene. The alchemist and investigators had found a large transmutation circle drawn around the house. The transmutation circle was generic, it left no signs of any unique alchemist who could've done it. That day Raphael vowed to become stronger and hunt down the alchemist who killed his family and destroyed his life. James left since the branch family that took them in had no money to pay for the mans service. At the age of 13 Raphael left, he had completed his training and he had decided to hunt down the alchemist.

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Bump for completion
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This all looks good to me and all is in order.

So you sir, are APPROVED.

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