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Post by Capucine Lucroy on Sat Apr 04, 2015 5:21 pm

Name: Capucine Lucroy
Alias: "Clarice"
Gender: Female
Birthday: Sixteenth of December
Age: Twenty
Sexuality: Bisexual
Important Appearance Characteristics: None


While on duty, Clarice isn’t somebody who takes or gives any nonsense, keeping a professional aura which is very rarely punctured on at all times. She is somebody who values the present rather than the past, and seeks to instill this in those that are working either alongside or under her. This doesn’t mean she is stuffy; she is perfectly capable of laughing and joking and interacting with her troops or the public on an impersonal level, but it is severely reduced from something like when she is off duty and far less formal. She tends to emphasize her rank when on duty, always telling people to call her such things, and extends the same formality to her comrades in the army. She is like a mother to her men as well, and is harder on them than she is anyone else.

While off duty, her personality changes drastically- she becomes a highly informal person who is quite easy going, even to those she considers superiors. While off duty, the restrictions on her personality come off and reveal a lazy, if slightly abrasive person. It is when she is off duty does her true beliefs come in; which contain a rather strong moral streak tempered with military knowledge. She believes that humanity isn’t all comprised of assholes, but also that it pays to be ready for when a group of them show up. Along with this, she believes in only using as much strength as necessary while conserving the rest, being completely unable to understand those that use the full brunt of their forces when there is no need to.

She tends to speak her mind while off duty as well, and tends to blabber on about her life to anyone who is willing to listen; where she would talk about anything and everything, or even complaining about her day or her if it turned out to be a terrible day. She isn’t a complete nag, however, as she enjoys her life and really can’t picture one without everything that entails it, hardships included. While off duty or in private, her role as a mother to her men increases as well, becoming quite the worrywart when she hears one or a few of them have been getting into trouble or ARE in trouble, and tends to try and help anyway she can. She can be quite the charitable person when she wants to be as well, and lets anyone drop by as long as they inform her of their arrival beforehand.

  • Strategy: Clarice enjoys strategy of all types, board games, the discussion of strategy, or even trying to flex it herself- she enjoys the stimulation it brings her mind at times, and have a bit of an ego boost on some of the more domination type games where the goal is to control most of the board.

  • Philosophy: She may not come off as one, but she considers herself quite the philosopher of sorts, willing to throw in her own thoughts about alchemy, religion or war, whatever the topic that comes up.

  • Organization: A bit of a clean freak, most of her love for organization stems off of her love for strategy, especially conquest. She believes that every little bit of organization is an area conquered, and can even be seen sectioning off parts of disorganization as part of her “territory”.


  • Nature: While she won’t doubt the beauty of the world, Clarice thinks that this beauty is better left away from the city border. This doesn’t mean she hates every little bit of nature, she keeps a few flowers and things near her own house as well- it’s just being in a state for an extended period of time doesn’t appeal to her much at all.

  • Death: Even if it might have been necessary, Clarice doesn’t like to be the one to take a life unless it was in self-defense or in the defense of something far bigger than her. Even then, she’d have to live with the guilt knowing she killed somebody, or failed to lead somebody correctly.

  • Indecisiveness: Either being indecisive herself or dealing with somebody else that is, Clarice can’t stand those who can’t think of something and stick with it- and either tells them to get on with it or choose it herself.


  • Absolute Failure: Clarine isn’t afraid of failure; that she can deal with. What she can’t deal with is such a level of failure that she couldn’t even pass for a normal human at that point- where she has failed her men, her country and herself in a single moment. That is the kind of failure she can’t handle, and it would make her freeze up in any case.

  • Heights: Clarine is somebody likes to live her life on the ground, and dislikes having to go up extreme heights, mostly because when she looks down she feels a sudden, psychological urge to jump. She hates any kind of heights, including not being able to touch the ground in water, which tends to make her hair crawls as well.

  • Intimacy: Closely connected to her fear of abandonment, she fears becoming emotionally closer to somebody she cares about, or something more than just friendship.

  • Abandonment: Having been abandoned at an early age, she struggles with letting someone in closer than just a friend- becoming like a family to her is a difficult thing to do. She fears being let down and abandoned yet again, which is something she might joke about to brush it off and keep people away from the topic. Probably one of the only fears she might actually try and save someone from as well, as she wouldn’t want them to share the same pain as she did.

General Appearance:


Sonika, From Vocaloid
Height: 5`8``
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair: Her hair is an subtle turquoise color, brought out to about neck length and styled with soft spikes at the ends and bangs.
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Appearance: Clarice’s body has been honed from her time in the military, with feminine curves graced with a bit of a subtle strength from her time as a soldier. She tends to be groomed and well dressed, and carries within herself with an aura of confidence wherever she goes. The most common clothing you may find her in is her military uniform, dressed up to code and very little variation from the next person. At times, especially on a hot day, she dresses out in a simple white tank top and military issued slacks and boots, and in the winter tends to bundle up more.

Off duty, you may find her in anything that she feels the need to throw on, but everything is still neatly pressed and properly worn up to standard.


Current Affiliation: State Alchemist.
Tier: Tier 3.


History: Will work on this later on.

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Re: Capucine Lucroy

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I left history blank because it said I can work on it later~
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Re: Capucine Lucroy

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Feel free to PM me your History whenever you want and I'll edit it into your app. Otherwise, you're...

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