2. Alchemy Rules

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2. Alchemy Rules

Post by Cheshire Cat on Sat Dec 13, 2014 8:56 am

1. Alchemy; Definition and Site Usage

As you know, Alchemy is the science that, in both the anime and manga, permits one to Understand, Destroy and Reconstruct pretty much all matter. In order to realise any type of transmutation [Human, Normal, etc.], a specific circle is needed, unless the user can already transmutate matter without the need of the transmutation circle [See The Truth rules regarding that].

Alchemy is the main battle skill used on the site. Naturally, people can use other ways, other skills in battle [Gun Mastery/ Sword Mastery, etc], yet Alchemy is basically the main and most used one. Similar to how people in the anime can, the site characters are allowed to transmutate whatever they want, as long as it isn't Over Powered, not registered, or doesn't follow the Tier/Alchemy Rules. For example, a Tier 3 Alchemist would be able to transmutate dynamic lances from soil, or stone, or metal, etc, that are classified as a Tier 3 skill, are registered and deal a fair amount of damage/move at a decent speed and have a nice range, yet that do not exceed the stated damage/speed/range in the rules. However; a Tier 3 Alchemist wouldn't be able to cast Human Transmutation, or summon a Stone Dragon classified as a Tier 6 spell due to its insane damage, speed and range.

The rules one must follow are, as follows;

- No Alchemist, regardless of the Tier, can transmutate anything out of thin air. Unless he holds in posessin a Philosopher's Stone.

- No Alchemist, regardless of his Tier, can ignore the Law of Equivalent Exchange, and obtain a metal lance out of soil, for example. The only acceptable exception is if the character has a Philosopher's stone in posession.

- No character can manipulate human body parts with his Alchemy. You can't make a hand grow out of nothing. Or you can't make another human leg for someone who lost it.

- No Alchemist can have spells that exceed his Tier.

- No Alchemist can use in any thread skills that have not been registered/approved.

2. Tiers, Damage, Range, Speed, Durations and Cooldowns.

2.1 Tiers

With each Tier, an Alchemist gets a determined amount of free skills of his Tier to register and make an use of. The amount of skills doesn't vary for one Alchemist and another, but yes for Tier. A Tier 1 won't recieve the same amount of Tier 1 skills as a Tier 6 will recieve of Tier 6 skills, naturally. And obviously, no Tier will recieve spells of a higher tier than their own. These free skills that are recieved, however, aren't the maximum amount of skills of a determined Tier one can get. Those are the free skills an Alchemist gets for upgrading to a Higher Tier. A determined amount of bonus spells can be bought in the shops in order to reach the maximum amount of spells allowed for a certain Tier.

Tier Skills:

Tier 1;
 - Starter Skills 5 x Tier 1 Skills
 - Maximum Amount of Skills; 10 x Tier 1 Skills

Tier 2;
 - Starter Skills 5 x Tier 2 Skills
 - Maximum Amount of Skills; 12 x Tier 1 Skills | 8 x Tier 2 Skills

Tier 3;
 - Starter Skills 5 x Tier 3 Skills
 - Maximum Amount of Skills; 14 x Tier 1 Skills | 10 x Tier 2 Skills | 6 x Tier 3 Skills

Tier 4;
 - Starter Skills 4 x Tier 4 Skills
 - Maximum Amount of Skills; 16 x Tier 1 Skills | 12 x Tier 2 Skills | 8 x Tier 3 Skills | 6 x Tier 4 Skills

Tier 5;
 - Starter Skills 3 x Tier 5 Skills
 - Maximum Amount of Skills; 18 x Tier 1 Skills | 14 x Tier 2 Skills | 10 x Tier 3 Skills | 8 x Tier 4 Skills | 6 x Tier 5 Skills

Tier 6;
 - Starter Skills 2 x Tier 6 Skills
 - Maximum Amount of Skills; 20 x Tier 1 Skills | 16 x Tier 2 Skills | 12 x Tier 3 Skills | 10 x Tier 4 Skills | 8 x Tier 5 Skills | 6 x Tier 6 Skills

* NOTE; Starter Skills are the Free Skills earner for Upgrading a Rank. The Maximum Amount of Skills is the Maximum amount of All tier skills one can have at that rank.

2.2 Damage

Different Tier skills deal different damage. That is crystal clear. A Tier 1 skill wouldn't do the same amount of damage as a Tier 6 skill, or a Tier 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. In order to avoid each person having his Tier deal different damage each time, there is a set number of damage each Tier spell deals, that cannot vary from skill to skill or from Alchemist to Alchemist.


Tier 1; 10
Tier 2; 25
Tier 3; 50
Tier 4; 110
Tier 5; 250
Tier 6; 500

2.3 Range and Speed

Depending on the Tier of a Skill, not only does the damage it deals vary, but so does the speed at which the skill moves (if it's a dynamic skill), and its range, (if it's a dynamic skill). As stated in the Character Rules, only Tier 3 and above can use dynamic spells, so naturally, there aren't set range and speed caps for Tier 1 and 2.

Range and Speed:

Tier 1; -
Tier 2; -
Tier 3; 20m | 10m/s
Tier 4; 50m | 25m/s
Tier 5; 100m | 50m/s
Tier 6; 200m | 100m/s

2.4 Durations and Cooldowns

In order to avoid having insanely powerful Tier 6 skill have an abnormally large duration and a very short cooldown [1, 2 Posts, for example], a set amount of posts as duration and cooldown have been set for each Tier skill, that, however, can vary depending on the complexity and power of the skill. Obviously, a Tier 3 Skill that basically just transmutates a dagger wouldn't have the same cooldown, and duration, obviously, as a Tier 3 Skill that transmutates a flurry of fists traveling towards an enemy at 10m/s. The staff will judge if the duration and cooldown set for determined skills in cases such as this one is accurate, and if not, will require the owner of the application to modify it. All skills can be instant, although it is not stated.

Durations | Cooldowns:

Tier 1; Duration of 1-2 Posts | Cooldown of 0-2 Posts
Tier 2; Duration of 2-3 Posts | Cooldown of 1-3 Posts
Tier 3; Duration of 3-5 Posts | Cooldown of 3-5 Posts
Tier 4; Duration of 5-6 Posts | Cooldown of 5-7 Posts
Tier 5; Duration of 6-7 Posts | Cooldown of 6-8 Posts
Tier 6; Duration of 7-10 Posts | Cooldown of 7-12 Posts
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