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Nathaniel Hendrix Laxus__5__by_decimo27-d5ueinj
Name: Nathaniel James Hendrix
Alias: Nate, Spark, The Lightning Alchemist, Raging Bolt.
Gender: Male
Birthday: 4th August
Age: 21
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Important Appearance Characteristics: He has a lightning bolt scar across his right eye.

Personality: Nathaniel Hendrix is a complex and somewhat strange individual. He is mostly calm and collected with a passion for getting himself into trouble and finding it much easier than anyone should. He is a devoted friend and will do anything he can to help his comrades achieve their mission, often at the front lines. He does have a rather short fuse and does tend to be a bit aggressive if he is being bellittled by others or looked down upon by people due to his age. Overall he is a very happy guy and loves to laugh and play small jokes on people from time to time, often seeing the silver lining of a dark situation.

Competitions are not something you want to get Nathaniel involved in, he is terribly competitive and has no problem in doing everything to win. He is a very sore loser and losing training matches and battles puts him in a terrible mood for the remainder of the day at least! In terms of fighting ability Nate is very capable and is more than happy to accept a challenge and take on an opponent regardless of who they may be or their reputation. He is an offensive specialist with his use of alchemy and specializes is a combination of close quarters and long range attacks making him an asset to the military. He is an accomplished soldier and alchemist and takes great pride in this, he will not take insults lightly and is more likely to set you on fire if you attempt to sully his good name. He is a great lover of music and culture and will sit quietly in his room listening to Spanish guitar to relax himself after a mission or before meeting his the top brass.

This guy isn't what you would call a ladies man, he is liked of course but when it comes to talking to women he has no real luck with words and is more likely to black out or come out with some stupid comment rather than be able to sweep said fair maiden off of her feet and ride into the sunset with her. He has male and female comrades and is a bit dim when it comes to recognizing that a girl may enjoy his company often having to have them spell it out for him. Talented? Yes, but not when it comes to women!


  • Spanish Guitar - Nathaniel loves listening to a classical guitar because of the precision and dedication it takes to perfect such a beautiful sound much like an alchemist works for years to perfect their art.

  • Flame Alchemy - Being gifted with such a knowledge of flame alchemy is something he adores, he even prides himself on the power it has and that he is in command of such power.

  • The Military - Although some peoples views on the military are stretched and on a knives edge, Nathaniel is loyal to his commanders and even though he may wonder if they hire monkeys to lead regiments he still follows the orders.


  • Disobedience - He has seen what disobedience does, especially in war and battle. If you do not trust in your commander and follow the orders you will die.

  • Civilian Casualties - There is nothing worse when you are a soldier and are the cause of civilian casualties. Nate will do everything in his power to stop any civilians being harmed during his excursions.

  • Cowardice - Cowardice is something that Nate will not accept, an alchemist should stand against any foe because it is his duty to protect those who cannot fight themselves and lead others to a brighter future... You cannot do that running with your tail between your legs.


  • Spiders - They are small, have eight legs, loads of eyes, creepy looking faces and they crawl... Do I need to say anymore really?

  • Betrayal - Nate had heard of state alchemists going rogue or turning upon the state, he hopes to never have a friend do such a thing because to be given the order to kill a friend is one that would break his heart.

  • Philosopher's Stones - As a boy he had heard stories and read about these stones that were so terrifyingly powerful that they could wipe out an entire city... NO one should posses such power. Ever.

General Appearance:


Nathaniel Hendrix Seven_minutes_in_heaven___laxus_dreyar___ft__by_thedarkestkey575757-d6m35iv

Laxus Dreyer from Fairy Tail.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 12 Stone
Hair: Short and bright blonde, spiky in style.
Skin Tone: Fair skinned with a slight tan in the summer.
Appearance: Nathaniel is a tall and brooding looking fellow with a lightning bolt shaped scar over his right eye. His eyes are a dark yellow and show a lot of his feelings and emotions, he is very well built with a great deal of muscle definition upon his arms, chest and stomach. Clothing wise he wears a shirt of some description usually purple and half unbuttoned, over the top he wears a great coat with a fur collar that is usually drooped over his shoulders. On his lower half he wears either brown, black or red jeans and a pair of sturdy boots. Upon his ribcage is a electrical transmutation circle that he does not show without reason. He will also be seen sometimes wearing a pair of spiked headphones which help him to focus his alchemy.


Current Affiliation: State Alchemist
Tier: Tier 5


History: Nathaniel was born in Central but his parents were unknown as he was brought up in an orphanage. Nathaniel had no idea who his parents were but the orphanage did tell him that his father was believed to be a state alchemist but the nuns had been sworn to never disclose his parents names. Most of his childhood was spent in solitude as the children who also resided at the orphanage were cautious about Nathaniel's sheer strength and tendency for getting into trouble as well as his antifascist with Alchemy. Where most children would spend their days outside playing he would read books on alchemy trying to figure out how it all worked, coming to grips with the ethics of equivalent exchange and transmutation circles.

Over time Nate became almost obsessed with the knowledge of his father being a state alchemist and would push constantly to know his identity but time after time he was denied the knowledge he so greatly desired. Within time this grew into bitterness as he wanted to create an alchemy unseen before, he toiled for weeks, months and years working through research and notes from accomplished alchemists until he at last had created something terrifying. He had created an alchemy that sucked in the static electricity around him and drained the electricity from objects he touched and so lightning alchemy was born.

After coming to grips with the basics of this new accomplishment he began to show it around town, expressing his wish to become a state alchemist. However a brawl with a local gang came to an abrupt end when he put a member of the gang into a coma along with causing cardiac arrest to two others... Devastated with such an outcome Nate was prepared to completely destroy this terrifying alchemy when he was approached by the military who, in exchange for their guidance and position as a state alchemist they would gain access to his knowledge he would be pardoned the atrocity that he had committed in a fit of rage.

And so he was drafted in as a state alchemist, unsure of what to expect and the burdens he would be required to undertake but from here on out he knew what he had to do. He had to find his parents and get the answers he had longed for for so many years.

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