1. Character Rules

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1. Character Rules

Post by Cheshire Cat on Sat Dec 13, 2014 8:54 am

1. Alchemist Tiers

Not all Alchemists are of the same power or might. Due to that, this site has established a Tier System, which will determine exactly how powerful an alchemist is, how much damage he can deal in battle, how many hits he can take on before being defeated, etc.

Tier 1
Basic Alchemy

Tier 1 Alchemists are those that have just begun discovering their abilities and the immense power of Alchemy. It requires effort from their part in order to realize even the most basic transmutations. They, nor their creations deal significant damage in battle, and aren't very resistant.

Tier 2
Basic Alchemy

Tier 2 Alchemists are still learning how things work and still have some difficulties with transmutation, but are more experienced than Tier 1 Alchemists, and naturally, more intelligent and powerful. Their creations are much more powerful, durable and efficient than those that the Tier 1 Alchemists can make, and naturally, Tier 2 Alchemists deal more damage in battle and are more resistant, although Tier 3 and higher can easily beat them in 1v1 fights.

Tier 3
Essential Alchemy

Tier 3 Alchemists are those that have finally understood how Alchemy works, and can transmutate much bigger and much better things. A Tier 3 Alchemist would be even able to transmutate dynamic structures, just like Edward Elric can. They deal more damage with their transmutations and can resist more in battle. They can defeat Tier 1 and 2 Alchemists, but Tier 4, 5 and 6 are above their abilities.

Tier 4
Essential Alchemy

Tier 4 Alchemists have mastered most of the Basic Alchemy techniques, and possibly all Essential Alchemy techniques. They are powerful and very intelligent, able to memorize most transmutation circles and perform complicated transmutations. Tier 4 Alchemists are respected by many, and known through the lands of Amestris (if they are State Alchemists). Naturally, they deal more damage than Tier 1,2 and 3 Alchemists, but still are no match for Tier 5 and 6.

Tier 5
Advanced Alchemy

Tier 5 Alchemists are those that not only have mastered Basic and Essential Alchemy to the perfection, but have began learning the more advanced techniques, and perhaps some of the forbidden ones. They are very powerful, and their intelligence is incredible, and can take on all lower tiers without problems, and even could engage a battle with an homunculus and survive, and even, if they are powerful enough, they'd be able to harm the Homunculus.

Tier 6
Advanced Alchemy

Tier 6 Alchemists are living legends. Their power, their might, their knowledge is so immense that many do not stand a chance against them in a battle. These people are masters who have mastered even the Advanced techniques, people who can transmutate incredible objects without putting any effort in it. All of the lower tiers do not stand a chance against them, and they even have chances to defeat the Homunculus. These Alchemists are automatically known everywhere in Amestris, even in the furthest towns.

2. Upgrading to a higher Tier

In order for an Alchemist of a determined Tier to upgrade to a higher one, he must complete a series of requirements in order to gain more power and a higher Tier. In order to ugrade Tiers, each Alchemist must gather determined amount of Experience by completing tasks given to them by the Army, in case they are State Alchemists, or, in other words, completing Requests. Those that are not State Alchemists have a determined board with special Requests for them, and cannot near the Requests that State Alchemists do.

Tier Required Exp.:

Tier 1; 0
Tier 2; 250
Tier 3; 1,000
Tier 4; 2,000
Tier 5; 10,500
Tier 6; 50,000

Experience is mostly gained via Requests, although there are other ways of gaining experience, such as PvP and Events. Major Events will give out immense amount of Experience to those that play a major role or cause major impact in it. Winning PvP battles will give the same experience as a request of the user's rank would.

Attention; In determined occassions, there will be duels against Homunculus. Given the case that the player wins, he will achieve experience equal to 2x experience of a request of his rank. So a Tier 6 who wins a battle against an Homunculus will recieve 2xTier6 Request EXP. In ocassions, usually more rare than the previous, if someone defeats an Homunculus who has been Taken over by Pride, the player will recieve triple experience of a request of his rank.

Experience Recieved [Requests]:

Tier 1; 50
Tier 2; 150
Tier 3; 250
Tier 4; 400
Tier 5; 1,000
Tier 6; 5,000

3. Alternative Accounts

- You may have a maximum amount of 3 Alternative accounts, apart from your main.

- If one Alternative account holds a limited Alchemy type, no other alt or main can.

- No player can make an Homunculus alternative account.

- If a player already holds a hight position in the Army [F├╝hrer, etc.], he cannot have another one.

- Two characters with the same owner canot be in no request or social topic together. Only plot topics.

- In case one of your character dies, and you have maxed out the number of accounts you have, you will be allowed to create another account for a new character.
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