Kosovo Misogi {WIP}

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Kosovo Misogi {WIP}

Post by Kosovo Misogi on Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:49 am

Name:Kosovo Misogi
Alias: Any nicknames your character has got? Any names he is more famous with?
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 5
Age: 20
Sexuality: Homosexual
Important Appearance Characteristics: Anything your character has, like, tattoos, scars, missing limbs, automails, etc.

Personality: At least two paragraphs, 400 words in total. Must explain how the character is usually (gloomy, cheerful), how he tends to be in games or contests (a sportsman, cooperative, competitive), how he/she is in a fight, etc...
Likes: What does your character like? At least three likes, all of them explained and bulletpointed.
Dislikes: What does your character hate?At least three dislikes, all explained and bulletpointed individually.
Fears: What does your character fear? At least three rational fears (You cannot say that he/she is afraid of dogs and then say that you don't know why), explained and bulletpointed individually.

General Appearance:

Face-Claim: Insert photo and write the name of the playby and from what anime is he/she from.
Height: Self-Explanatory.
Weight: Self-Explanatory.
Hair: Write about length, colour, etc....
Skin Tone: Self-Explanatory.
Appearance: At least 100 words. Must include everythign you can think of. Clothing is also needed, and you can tell us what clothing does he/she usually wear, etc..


Current Affiliation: State Alchemist
Tier: Tier 1


History: Must be at least 400 words long. Must begin explaining things about the family of the character. If the infornation about his parents is unknown, simply specify it and skip on to the next part. Everything must be explained here, beginning from birth, early childhood, childhood, etc... This part, however, is optional. Characters that want to do it, can do it, and those that do not, will be able to leave this blank and do it posteriorly.
Kosovo Misogi
Kosovo Misogi

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