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Caitlyn Silvershield

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"If I burn, you'll Burn with me!"

Caitlyn Silvershield
The Girl on Fire, Flame Goddess, Ignitra
31st of August
Important Appearance Characteristics:
Heterochromia Iridum:
Caitlyn has Heterochromia Iridum, which is the medical state in which a person's irises differ in coloration, or, in other words, a person's irises have different colors. In Caitlyn's case, her left eye red, and her right one, scarlet red. In order to hide her abnormality, Caitlyn always wears a pink flower over her red eye, which she considers the more bizzare of her two eyes.

Caitlyn has a series of tattoos spread through her entire body. Some, she has them because they are useful for her, like her Flame Alchemy Transmutation circle tattoos, one engraved on each of her hands. Aside from that, Caitlyn has another flame tattoo on the base of her back, covering it pretty much entirely.

Caitlyn is, in general, a very wild person. Hit by tragedies, one after another, in her life, Caitlyn has learned not to trust people and to stay away from them at all cost, trusting only herself, and nobody else. Caitlyn prefers spending time alone, without company, her nose burried in books about Alchemy and its history, trying to deschipher the mystery of the Philosopher's stone, or simply attempting to amplify her Alchemy knowledge. Being a person with a very logical way of thinking implies that Caitlyn is, clearly, a person who values knowledge and intelligence, and places intelligence as the biggest and most important virtue a person can posess. Always seeking knowledge, Caitlyn considers that every Alchemist that aims to become great one day, or strieves to achieve power and respect from those that surround him, should posess immense knowledge and dexterity.

In general, Caitlyn rarely attempts to avoid conflict when other challenge her or insult her. Being hit by tragedies, abandoned by everyone, has made Caitlyn grow up as not only a distant person, but also an arrogant and prideful one. She does not allow people to stomp her or attempt to break her down, given the fact that she had already experienced once in her life what it feels to break down, and attempts to avoid said feeling to repeat at all cost. Brave, big-headed and impulsive, those are the best words to descirbe Caitlyn, in general. Despite being a person who values logic greatly, and puts logic before anything, Caitlyn is a very, very impulsive person, that always reacts before thinking things through. The consequences and the means have no importance for her, meaning that she is capable of doing a thing and suffering the consequences for it, regardless what they are, and regardless if she has to destroy a legion while she's at it. Brave, Fearless, that's the second thing Caitlyn is. Despite having fears, Caitlyn is ready to face them, despite the situation, only in order to achieve her objective. It is safe to say that there is nothing, or at least almost nothing on the worl capable of stopping Caitlyn when she has a plan or strives to achieve something. This attitude of hers applies to games and other competitive activities too, seeing as she is not only a very prideful person, but a very competitive one too, a person who dislikes losing. In battle, Caitlyn, being the insanely impulsive person she is, charges into it without putting much thought into the thing. Charging straight into battle, Caitlyn often will attempt to find her opponent's weak spot while in battle, concentrating on attacking that spot once she finds it.

Another way to describe Caitlyn, is by using the word ''Flame'' to describe her personality. Passionate, impulsive, dangerous. Caitlyn is just like fire, unforgiving and merciless towards everyone foolish enough to approach her, leaving nothing, but ash behind. In many ways, Caitlyn is similar to that, for she is a person that is hard to get along with, due to her untrusting nature, and that, due to her past, is very distant and merciless towards others, impulsive and dangerous. While she has her calm moments, similar to fire, Caitlyn can change really quickly and explode, damaging everyone surrounding her.

Since Fire is basically the element which her Alchemy type is based on, Caitlyn loves flames, as they are basically what gives her power. In addition to that, she liked fire due to the fact that she feels most identified with it than any other element, being the impulsive, passionate, unforgivable person she is.

The idea of immense knowledge has always been appealing to Caitlyn. Knowing everything, posessing understanding of everything in the world, Caitlyn is obsessed with the mere idea.

Caitlyn has always been obsessed with Alchemy, in a similar way as to how she is with Knowledge. Being able to manipulate matter, that idea has always seemed fascinating to her, worth investigating, and, despite she does not posess the type of Alchemy that allows her to alter all matter, like other Alchemists do, she still finds it fascinating.

The natural weakness to flames, water. Caitlyn hates that element with a passion. She can't stand being near any big water body, like rivers, seas, oceans, etc. She likes taking showers and things like that, but simply despises big water surfaces, and always attempts to stand away from them.

At a rather frail age, Caitlyn had to withness a bloodbath, in which her own family was involved, the blood of her parents on the walls of her mansion. Ever since that day, Caitlyn has developed a great hate towards blood, and cannot stand looking at it in most ocassions, although in a battle she overcomes her dislike and simply attempts not to taint her clothes with it.

Roses lack originality. They are so simple, so plain, that it annoys Caitlyn. How can something so simple be loved by so many people, yet more complex flowers are ignored? A bonus; Caitlyn is alergic to roses.

Closed spaces. Small spaces. Underground spaces. Caitlyn despises them and fears them. She always has the feeling that she is about to asfixiate in a small, closed space, and attempts to stay away from them as much as she can.

~Abandoned Buildings~
Abandoned buildings, haunted mansions, old abandoned mansions, Caitlyn freaks out at the sole sight of them. The fact that there are so many hideouts in those places, so many old, rotten things, places when assaultants can hide and attack her, that freaks her out.

Small, crawling, with many legs, with weird eyes, all insects freak Caitlyn out. Except butterflies. She simply sees their excess of Legs, like in the spiders' case, too weird, and creepy.

General Appearance:

Zero - Drakengard 3
Long, pearl white, usually tied by a bow, with a few loose locks.
Skin Tone:
Healthy Pale
Caitlyn is a woman of average height, and beautiful body structure. Her petite, pale body gives her a frail, girly appearance, her curves combining perfectly with it, her thin waist pronouncing her delicate and beautiful curves, giving her the appearance of a fragile aristocratic girl. Her beauty is said to rival this of a Goddess, and in many occassions, many would describe her beauty as a beauty supperior of a Goddess'. Caitlyn's face is classicaly beautiful; Beautiful cat-like eyes, small nose and average lips, not too big nor too small, Caitlyn seems to be the kind of girl you just can't look at once and then look away. The most eye-catching feature of her face, are her eyes, indeed. Beautiful, piercing cat-like eyes, long eyelashes and petite eyebrows adorning them, Caitlyn's left eye is always hidden by a lily. The secret hidden behind the lily, is the fact that her left eye, is not pink, like her right one: It's iris is crimson red, like the blood that comes out from a wound. This condition is known as Heterochromia Iridum, which is the difference in coloration of the eye iris. Apart from her pale structure, and usually white clothing, Caitlyn has waist-long, silky perfect silver hair that falls on her shoulders like a waterfall of silver, and, when exposed to an incredibly strong light, blinding light, it seems to glow, although that may be a simple optical illusion. Despite having some features often coneccted with the Ishvalan habitants, Caitlyn is purely from Amestris.

Her outfit is something that rarely changes; Mainly, Caitlyn's outfit consists of a pair of high heels with a 5cm heel, a knee-length white dress, with a few black ties, that reveals her stomach, a white cloak that covers her shoulders, ornamented with a few greyish and black adorns, the Alchemist symbol on the belt that holds the cloak, white finger-less gloves that have the Flame Alchemy transmutation circle drawn on them, and a simple black tie that holds her hair. Despite having the Flame Alchemy symbol on her gloves, Caitlyn also has a tattoo on each of her hands with the exact same symbol. In addition to that, Caitlyn always carries her State Alchemist clock with her, in a pocket of her cloak.


Current Affiliation:
State Alchemist
Tier 6


Caitlyn was born in Amestris on the 31st of August, in a family of rich aristocrates of noble descendance. Being born in a rich family, one could say that Caitlyn was born lucky, for all the goods she ever wanted or needed were always at her reach, making her quite a spoiled child, although the truth always was and always will be far from that. Always an incredibly affectionate child, everything Caitlyn has always wanted from her parents, has never been the goods she had recieved, but attention and love. The two things she never recieved from them. Given their noble desecendance, Caitlyn's parents have always been very formal, educated people, who always comunicated with those surrounding them in a formal way, as if they were between the royal family, and were quite cold towards whoever did not adress them in the same way, regardless if it was a random friend or relative; or Caitlyn herself. The white-haired girl would have exchanged all the toys, all the presents they bought her for a single minute in which they'd be affectionate towards her. The only people that actually treated her in a rather loving, paternal way, were the servants, the people that worked in her parents' mansion, and whose daily task was to take care of the mansion, and of Caitlyn herself, of course. However, it was not enough, as there is nothing compared with the paternal or maternal love, which Caitlyn never recieved. In such circumstances, Caitlyn grew up as a rebellious, hyperactive child, who'd do everything in order to catch her parents' attention. Which included,  naturally, studying Alchemy. Even at a very frail age, Caitlyn has always been a girl to exhibit great intelligence and interest towards knowledge, as well as interest towards the mysterious Art of Alchemy, an interest which was forbiden by her parents, as they considered it an unpure art, given the fact that Alchemy permitted humans to perform transformations and acts often attribuited to God, and, Caitlyn's parents, being strongly religious, dissaproved of that.

At the age of 10, Caitlyn got tired of trying. As a result of that, she herself developed a form of hatred towards her parents, and only adressed them if needed, and, when that would happen, she'd only do it in the most formal way possible. The rebellious, somewhat wild and hyperactive attitude of hers never dissapeared, as she felt rather comfortable being the way she was, she felt right. She remained affectionate with some people, such as Nanny, the woman who took care of her her entire life, and Dolcetto, the chef, who would always act as if he was her father. They were the people in the mansion who seemed to be able to sucessfuly replace her parents, in a way. In adittion to that, Nanny and Dolcetto had stated many times that they saw Caitlyn as if she was their daughter, in fact. For a short while, it all seemed calm and peaceful, in a way.

One day, as she was walking back home from the Academy she attended, Caitlyn had a rather weird feeling, as if something horrible had happened or was about to. Ignoring the feeling, she would proceed to return to the mansion, the incredible silence surrounding it surprising her. It was as if everyone had dissapeared. Usually, Nanny and Dolcetto would wait for her in front of the mansion door when she returned from school, or any of the other workers, as the gardener would be working in the garden, as per usual. Hesitant, she would proceed towards the door, opening it, slightly scared, only to see the most horrible scene ever; As she opened the door, she would see the entrance, several bodies laying on the ground. Eyes filled with terror and tears, she would recognise the bodies as Nanny and her mother's, the entire room covered in a surreal amount of blood. In that same moment, she dropped her school bag on the floor, running away from her house, crying the entire time, until she reached a dark alley. There, breathing hard, she fell on her knees, trying to assimilate what she had just seen. Her mother and Nanny dead. A room covered in blood. Possibly everyone else was dead too. That was just too much for her to take.

Upon seeing the bloodbath in her own house, Caitlyn abandoned the scene, running away from the house, upon which she would remain a few days on the street, completely ignored by the passangers, until, a woman wearing a cloak decided to take her in her house, just because he pitied her. Feeding her and taking care of her, as time went by, the woman noticed that the girl could become a rather decent Alchemist, given the fact that she had the basic knowledge for it, as well as the potential, intelligence and interest. The woman, who went under the name of Erio, was a Flame Alchemist, an Independant Alchemist, that had mastered the aforementioned Art to the perfection. Seeing how the girl had quite the temper and seemed to be the indicated person to learn it, Erio began teaching Caitlyn flame alchemy, giving her her own pair of gloves with the transmutation circle on them. Upon a few years, at the age of 20, Caitlyn abandoned her mentor, deciding to join the State Alchemists in order to discover who was responsible of the murderer of her family, Nanny and Dolcetto, using the privileges she gains by becoming a Dog of the Military, without which she'd most likely not be able to solve the case of who is responsible of her family's death.

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Re: Caitlyn Silvershield

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