Mei Ling-Shao(Finished)

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Mei Ling-Shao(Finished)

Post by Mei Ling-Shao on Tue Mar 17, 2015 1:39 am

Name: Mei Ling-Shao
Alias: Mei Harrison
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 7th
Age: 17
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Important Appearance Characteristics: None

Mei can be described as a temperamental person. She is easy to irritate or set off. She is quite friendly most of the time but when in a bad mood, Mei tends to act more coldly towards others. Mei is a very kind and sweet person the majority of the time. She enjoys having fun and relaxing. One thing Rin can't stand are crowds, they make her uneasy and irritated. Mei doesn't like being bossed around and has no patience for people who are rude or disrespectful. She is not above putting those without manners in their place. Mei is not timid in the least bit, however, she normally has trouble speaking her mind and refuses to admit how she truly feels. Her words often will contradict her actions and when people point this out to her, she will lash out in embarrassed anger. Mei doesn't feel comfortable in revealing clothing. She's not the type to wear pretty or sexy dresses for even special occasions. Rin is quite clumsy. She's the type who trips over her own feet easily. She tends to get embarrassed easily and when she does she blushes and stutters. She tends to not like it when people beat around the bush, she rather they be completely honest with her. Even though she prefers blunt honesty, Mei is very sensitive. This girl has constant changing mood swings. One minute she could be all happy and the next she could be pissed depending on what happens. Mei likes to spend her free time, reading or relaxing or spending time with her friends. Mei is quite stubborn, she never likes admitting she's wrong and a lot of the time refuses to own up to her actions. Mei likes to make friends and believes that no one should be alone. She has great compassion and a strong heart. She is not easily deterred from her goals once she sets out to accomplish them.

Mei always takes her battles seriously. She is not one to taunt an enemy nor fall for an enemy's taunt. She does not let her emotions affect her during battle and is merciless towards her enemies. She is not one to let those who hurt others get away with it. Mei prefers being a leader rather than being led. She is not one to listen to others too well and usually tends to ignore what a leader tells her to do out of sheer pride. Mei never really makes a plan of attack. She just usually plays it by ear and wings it. This normally works out so she sticks with this. In battle, because she doesn't come up with a battle strategy, this makes her unpredictable by her enemies which makes it much easier for Rin to have the upper hand a lot of the time.
Mei loves to try different kinds of food. She's not very picky at all.
Mei thinks that nature is god's greatest gift to humanity, she believes that everyone should care for the environment to keep it looking beautiful.
Mei enjoys reading in her spare time, both for entertainment and for expanding her knowledge.
Mei doesn't like crowds, they irritate her and cause her to get nauseous.  
-Rude people
Being raised as a noble, Mei can't stand people who lack the most basic of manners.
Mei very much dislikes handouts, she rather work her butt off to earn what she desires than have it handed to her on a silver platter.
-Premature Death
Mei fears dying prematurely. She wants to be able to accomplish all her goals before its her time.
-Being Alone
Mei fears the Humonculi the most because they took the life of someone she cared for.

General Appearance:


Mei Ling-Shao:
Mio Akiyama - K-on

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 105 Lbs
Hair: Black, stops just above her waist.
Skin Tone: Fair with a slight tan
Mei is pretty much average height for her age, she has a slim and petite figure with her chest being a little on the flat side. Mei has soft long black hair that stops just above her waist and bangs that cover most of her forehead. Her eyes are like two black opals that sparkle. Her skin is fair with a slight tan, her hands and feet are slender. Mei doesn't have much muscle on her which makes her look more dainty.

Mei normally has her hair down, wearing big tee shirts and capris or jeans. With that, she'll wear black leather boots. Other days, Mei will have her hair in twin tails wearing a grey hoodie and red tank top with a pair of beige shots and the same black leather boots. When it comes to her attire when taking on requests from her superiors in the military, she wears the standard black military top, a red leather vest with pockets, blue jeans and a pair of combat boots.


Current Affiliation: State Alchemist
Tier: 1.



From Birth to Early Childhood

Mei was born in the Capital of Xing to the highly respected and noble Shao family. From an early age, Mei was put through daily educational and etiquette lessons in order to become a refined young lady that her parents could be proud of. She was taught manners, dinning etiquette, how to dance, how to properly present one self to guests. In her educational lessons, Mei was taught; reading, writing, math, history, science and etc. Each and every day she would attend these lessons in order to make her parents happy and proud of her. Mei didn't want to let her parents down or to bring shame to their family.

Because Mei was of nobility, her parents forbid her from playing outside like other children who were not of noble birth. They told her it was beneath her and that it would bring shame to the Shao family name if she were to participate in such things. Because of Mei's loyalty to her family, she headed her parents words.

Mei's Tween Years

Mei continued her lessons even in her tween years. Now that Mei had gotten older, her lessons became more difficult. Mei was very intelligent so she advanced through her lessons with ease. Along the way, she became interested in reading and would sometimes shut herself in her room in the evening and read books until dawn.

Mei Discovers Alchemy

When Mei was 13, she met a man known as Kein from Amestris who had traveled to Xing with knowledge of Alchemy and he wished to introduce it to the people of Xing. Everyone had turned the alchemist away, saying his alchemy was worthless or that it couldn't compare to Xingese Alchehistory. Mei was the only one who was kind and did not shun the man. Kein took a liking to Mei and became like an older brother to the young Mei. She too took a liking to Kein.

Goodbyes and New Beginnings

Kein had began to teach Mei some of his alchemy which incorporated the ice element. It was very pretty and so pure. Mei began to study the Alchemy of Amestris in the books that Kein had brought over from their. Mei's interest in Alchemy grew and grew. After getting the hang of Alchemy to the point where she could actually make things and with Kein's encouragement, Mei told her parents about how she wished to become an alchemist, however, they were utterly shocked and in the end disowned her in order to protect the family name. Mei was devastated that her parents that she tried so hard to please for the past 13 years, had thrown her away. Kein felt bad, thinking it was his fault. Instead of blaming him, Mei asked Kein to take her to Amestris with him which he gladly agreed to.

Mei becomes an Amestrian

The two arrived in Amestris within a year. Mei gave up her family name and took Kein's surname, Harrison. The two of them came to Resembool. There, he taught Mei more alchemy and the two of them, lived like brother and sister. Mei was happy and had more freedom then she ever had before.

More Goodbyes and a New Resolve

Mei was 16 when Kein and her took a trip to Central. It was Mei's first time coming there and she was quite excited. However, Mei couldn't help but have a bad feeling about something. Mei ended up being right, that night before they were set to head home, Kein took off, telling her, he'd be right back. Mei started to worry after a long time had passed and went looking for Kein. She eventually found him... dying. Kein had been killed. His killer nowhere in sight, however he had left a dying message for someone to find, it was the tattoo of the oroboorus snake. Mei knew that he was killed by a Humonculi.

Kein was given a proper burial and funeral in Resembool the following day. Now, Mei was all on her own. No family to return to, no way to find her best friend's killer. Nothing. However, Mei was given a golden opportunity later that day. A general from central, came to see Mei. He offered her the chance to become a state alchemist. He said it would give her access to restricted research material and maybe she could find Kein's killer.  Mei pretty much jumped at his offer.

The New Dog of the Military

Mei took the state alchemist exam, exactly one month after Kein's death and was made a state alchemist. She was given the title, the "Frost Alchemist" and began her new life as a dog of the military.
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Re: Mei Ling-Shao(Finished)

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Great work on this application. I'm really happy to say that this application is

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