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Post by Vex Vaudlain on Wed Jun 24, 2015 8:47 pm

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Haven Falls is an alternate history supernatural role playing game set in present day earth on a set of fictional islands somewhere in the pacific ocean.

- OOC Accounts
- Site-Wides, Races & Affiliation Mini Plots and Developments
- Easy Application
- No Word Count
- Various Mythical And Supernatural Creatures
- JCINK Premium and 3-3-3 Rating

The six islands that form the Haven Falls community were established to give supernatural creatures a place to retreat to, to rest, to heal, or just to escape from the world. Since the discovery of ESP and magic led to the revelation that lycanthropes, vampires, demons, angels, ghouls, fae, and other mythical creatures were all real, the world had fallen into chaos. At no point in history was a place like Haven, where those with supernatural abilities could be safe, more needed. But not everyone is happy with the idea of Haven, or what it represents. Peace and cooperation is not in everyone’s best interest. Not even that of the supernaturals who created it…

New Plot Development!The dragon attack has left large parts of Haven in ruins, and many people are living in provided shelters while repairs are taking place. Loved ones were lost, homes and businesses destroyed and lives ruined. If there ever was a time that Haven was vulnerable, this is it... and from the shadows, they watch, preparing to strike.[/align]
Vex Vaudlain

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