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Post by Cheshire Cat on Sun Mar 01, 2015 10:01 am


1899. The year where our story begins. The year in which the most important event in Modern Amestris' history takes place, and which triggered everything following it, The story before the nowadays; the War between Xing and Amestris.

The reason that triggered the war between the two countries is unknown until the very day; It is believed, however, that the main cause to the conflict, was the desire of both countries to obtain more territories, and therefore, as is logical, to reach the territories of another country and seize its goods. And so it began, with a conflict in the middle of the Great Desert, where the Xingean army won over the Amestrian one, and put a beginning to the conflict that continued for 2 years, leaving both countries devastated and attempting to rebuild themselves from the ashes, neither becoming victorious in what was labeled as the bloodiest conflict in Amestris' history.

The conflict between those two countries took place in several battlefield; Multiple fights were led in

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