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Frederick Dumas
5th April
Important Appearance Characteristics:

Chimera Form:
Frederick Done D: Renekton_OriginalSkin_old2

Originally from the great country of Drachma, Frederick had to come through many hardships before he got accepted in the military country known as Amestris. Not only was he received with prejudice but because of his military background in Drachma he was often met with hostility. Even when he betrayed his home country and sold some of it's secrets to the upper echelon.

Because he spend the last ten years in this kind of environment, Frederick has become naturally distrustful of others. Even though he is not bothered by what he is being called, he has come to the understanding that everything can only be achieved through your own will and strength. And that others, how nice they can be eventually betray you. This often results in a same hostility towards others, a cold demeanor that more then often pushes others away then he would ever let them in.

Yet the fact that he is a deserter is not the only reason he blocks people out. From the moment he joined the Amestris Military he has been subjugated to a cruel experiments in order to prove his loyalty. Experiments for which they had trouble to find willing candidates. Combining alchemy with animals and human vassals, the military was trying to create a new form of soldiers. Not state alchemists, but grunts with enhanced physical powers and abilities. Who could easily fight on par with them.
However the procedure difficult and most of the test subjects turn out to become horrible disfigured monstrosities. More beast and savage then human. Even those who were lucky enough to retain their own human mind, were cursed with the transforming bodies known as chimeras. With all the benefits and faults their host animal had.

For Frederick this was an exotic creature known as the crocodile, that naturally isn't found in Amestris, or any of the surrounding nations. A creature that gave him longevity and and impenetrable hide. As well as a the brute strength. But also with a ravaging bloodlust, that was hard to contain once unleashed.

Because of this outcome, Frederick is different from everybody else. And even though others don't know why, they do know he is different. And there for shunning him, or even feel uncomfortable around him. Even though at heart, he truly desires to be among friends, someone he could trust above anyone else, just like back then when he was still in Drachma.

His solitude - Because of his issue on how to deal with other people, and because gets easily annoyed by them. He prefers to be alone with his thoughts. Undisturbed, and calm.

Display of his power - It takes him back to the time when he was still leading commander in Drachma.

Bloodlust - Only when engaged in battle and rage, this side of him will show. Something he equally fears but also welcomes.

Scientists/Alchemists - It were alchemists that conducted experiments on him, even though he gave is own consent, to endure it was crucifying. It created a hatred even towards alchemists and any scientists a like.

- Amestris Military Command - Even though he serves the military, he also hates them for the choices they left him with, the moment he deserted Drachma and joined forces with them. Choices so few and corrupt that one way to the other he was being forced into the experiments.

- Crowded places - like plazas or markets. Anywhere where a lot of civilians gather and mass. He hates it, it annoys.

- Forever alone - because of his longevity, Frederick fears that he will be alone his entire time. Never to find the comradeship he truly longs for. Even if he doesn't know it yet

- The truth about Amestris - Even though he doesn't know what it is, he does know the military is knee deep into some dark experiments. And he fears that whatever more it is hiding. Knowing that when it reaches the light of day, it could be very well catastrophic. However, since he is part of one of those secrets as well, he keeps his mouth shut.

- Cats - For some reason those creatures have haunted him since his childhood. Their weird, their strange and their eyes strike him actual fear in his heart.

General Appearance:

Frederick Done D: Bluebeard
Bluebeard - anime: unknown
1,70 cm
85 kg
Medium length, raven black hair. But always combed backwards.
Skin Tone:
Slightly tanned
Mostly seen wearing a sort of classy looking attire, a black blouse which collar is hold together by a tie. Over that blouse he is wearing a brown waistcoat, with the tie partially tucked underneath it. For the bottom he wears a dark brown, almost black, kaki pants. With on his feet, gentleman's shoes. Most typically black oxfords. With a hard leather heel.
To finish this, he wear a large brown coat, with a grayish fur collar, giving him a rather contradicting look compared the rest of his attire. Which seems he is about to attend some high class fancy party.


Current Affiliation:
Amestris Military


Life for Frederick was different from most, not that he grew up poor or in extreme condition. But because all through his family history, war was on their mind. The lust for battle and being part of something greater. That they would consider the military. Because of this authoritative household, Frederick grew up with a gun in the hand so to speak. From an early age he was being taught by his household teacher in the arts of war, military tactics, in-depth historical battles. Everything that could turn him in a great soldier that would surely excel and quickly rise among the military ranks. And because he didn't knew any better he just went along with it, after all defying ones parents was not done in such a strict environment.

As soon as he turned fifteen, he joined the Drachma Military School. A institution focussed on molding younglings in excellent soldiers for their army. So that when done they wouldn't start out as grunt, a mere foot soldier. But had bright future ahead of a military commander. At that institution it quickly showed the fruits of his early education by his household. Being one of the top students at the school he quickly caught the eye from the upper echelon. Drachma General, who always could use another talent in their own ranks.

However, after several years being part of the army after the institution. Frederick came to learn that being military isn't what life is all about, something that turned him sour and even dangerous later on. During a mission near the border of Artemis. He and his entire legion, over which he had full command were ambushed. Well not really ambushed, but more so fed wrong information and send out on a mission. Only so that the Drachmanian Military could test the Artemis border security in certain regions.
Not knowing this, and only thinking they were to gain some easy territory that was probably low guarded anyway, Frederick and his men walked into a death trap. And met a full resistance consisting out of cannon barrage and the famous alchemists who were in service of Artemis. That combined devastated almost everyone except Frederick himself.

Furious with, Frederick returned home. Demanding answers, and asking questions everywhere he could. Even defying authority and bringing so called shame onto his family. Who's reputation was that they were always loyal to Drachma. This went on, until he finally got some answers. That he was being sent on a suicide mission, just to test out the enemy. That he and his men were nothing more then cannon fodder.

Because of this, Frederick decided to flee Drachma that very night. And escape to its neighboring country. He knew this would mark him as a traitor, a deserter. But he couldn't stay in Drachma anymore, not knowing what they had done to him.

Once in Artemis, Frederick quickly got drawn in by their military. After all it was in his blood, and it attracted him like a moth to a lamp. And by cutting a deal with them for protection and servitude he started to join they army, at a terrible price. To be the test subject for experimentation, which he was the prefect candidate for. Since he was willing to gave his own consent.

Roleplay Sample:
It was dark in the city, even for night time. Probably mostly because it was so clouded that even the moon couldn't shed any light into the dark corners and alleys. Which for Frederick was almost like an internal trigger to go out. Not that he wanted too, well not entirely. But mostly because the animal inside of him needed to, which was off course of the predatory type. That feeling, that sensation nagged at him, scratched inside his head. Until the bloodlust would win, and force him to go outside and... hunt.

He would stalk him, a man of probably around the forty years old. Only six years older then himself, and stating by his clothing he was a family man. But that didn't matter, only the kill did. Only the moment between hunter and prey.

Frederick followed him, the sensation inside of him scratching even more intensively the moment he got closer and closer. But not yet, it was to busy in these parts of the city. Lights were still on, and cars drove by. No Frederick had to wait, till the right opportunity to strike. A dark alley, which he could push him. A corner, or just a blind spot for all to see. Because sometimes the most mundane spots where the best.

Then there it was, the distorted light cashing with the darkness of a smaller street, and small intersection between the large apartment buildings in the city. And Frederick was close, so close that he could almost touch the man's hair. Due to his instincts he knew this was the time, that there was no one else looking. Then it happened, his body changed, his skin turned green and scales grew in its place. His size grew significantly, and his entire face distorted as it took on a new form. In that same foul moment, Frederick had taken that man and pushing in the alley, who from shock couldn't even utter a single sound. How could he, after all a creature twice his size now hung over him. Saliva dripping from it large maw.

For a moment Frederick's eyes pierced into the blue eyes of the stranger, and for a second his humanity took hold. Realizing that he would probably leave a family without a father now. But it didn't matter now, now the beast had taken hold.... then the alley became tainted in the crimson red.

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