Lurker in the Woods [General] [WIP]

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Lurker in the Woods [General] [WIP]

Post by Cheshire Cat on Fri Apr 10, 2015 1:05 pm

Name: The Lurker of the Woods
Type: Available for Every Faction [Independent Alchemists, State Alhcemists and the Army]
Tier: 1
Location: Woods near Resembool
Requirements: Capture or Kill the creature that roams in the Resembool Woods.
Reward: ?
Story: Several townsfolk have reported that they have seen and heard of a mysterious creature roaming the woods near Resembool. A creature that is too big to be normal, and too frightening to be natural. Given the situation, and the fact that the townsfolk are too scared to venture inside the woods with their rather primitive weaponry against a creature of greater magnitude and that seems to be more dangerous than anything they had ever faced before, the Resembool mayor has decided to contact both Independent Alchemists, State Alchemists and anyone pertaining to the Army to help them out, and capture the creature that lurks in the woods.

Wolves x 10: A pack of ten wolves is roaming through the woods, seeking its next pray. They are ordinary wolves; their genetics have not been modified by Alchemy, and therefore, they possess no stat buffs. Their attacks, regardless if they attack with their paws or jaw, will deal 100 damage upon impact. Each requires 50 Damage to be taken down.

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