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Dioclecio Artus I0GOzAo
Name: Dioclecio M. Artus
Alias: Dio, (More to add over time)
Gender: Male
Birthday: 7th, June
Age: 19
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Important Appearance Characteristics:

Personality: Dioclecio comes off a tad bit arrogant. He radiates an aura of confidence. He is seen to be obnoxious, usually boasting about himself. He takes pride in the strength that he has right now, the strength that he managed to obtain by overcoming various trials. He still seeks more strength believing that he doesn't have enough strength as it is. His seeks strength because he wants to overcome the greatest of things. He wants to overcome fate itself, the same fate that has caused him to lose his loved ones. He wants to overcome God itself, the same God that doomed him and his loved ones. Dio is a kind man, helping out others and protecting people. However his kindness is limited, as such he wouldn't risk his life for a stranger. He would risk his life for a underling of his or a friend.

Dioclecio oddly enough dislikes being close to people(emotionally). He believes that being close to people will only invite more pain and suffering to come to him. So as such Dioclecio puts up something of a arrogant, obnoxious facade to put people off. However if one would observe Dioclecio close enough it would become apparent to them that his arrogant and obnoxious attitude is just a facade. Dio respects power and strength. He knows how to obey those superior to him and respects those who are strong. Dio is a empathic person, able to be moved to tears by something sad. Even though he might deny that he was tearing up.

Dioclecio whenever he makes friends or has a good relationship with somebody tends to make sure that they are safe even if that means invading their privacy. He tends to show more of his kind side towards people who are friends or who have a good relationship with Dioclecio.

Dio is somewhat of a very emotional person. He is easily fazed by the death of his comrades. Again, that is why he puts up his facade; to scare people off. Dioclecio knows how to maintain his cool on the battlefield but seeing the death of his comrade could cause him to focus mainly on one enemy and become more aggressive with his attacks.

Dioclecio tends to have flashbacks of his past through small triggers like say hearing people talk about an orphanage. Whenever he has these flashbacks his arrogant facade disappears for a second and he seems to be somewhere else, usually having a distant look in his eye. He then comes back to reality with a startle only to blow off or deny that he was in deep thought or had recalled something. At times he even has nightmares of his time in the orphanage. These are somewhat common as of recent events.

During combat Dioclecio comes off aggressive. He tends to remain more on offense than defense. His only exception of not coming off aggressive is when he is fighting a child. He would try to dodge the attacks and render the child defenseless instead of going for blows that could kill them or cause serious damage. Dioclecio generally sees fights as a fight for survival. In which case he would do anything to win and help the ones close to him win.

During games and sport events Dioclecio is competitive. He likes to play fairly instead of using cheats. He generally looks down on cheaters, cheating against somebody who put in effort in what they're doing is disrespectful. Dioclecio knows that when he loses against somebody they usually put more effort and time into perfecting their skills. So he would have no problem losing against somebody who he knows wasn't cheating.


  • Power- He loves to gain power. His reason for gaining power is to become strong enough to overturn fate itself. He doesn't want to lose anybody close to him ever again, for that reason he seeks power.

  • Books- They are magical little things that can take a person out of the world that they are familiar with and put them somewhere else. During his free time he loves to pull out a book and read it, this is usually how he spends free days. Just relaxing while reading a book.

  • Alchemy- Even though it had made him go into a monster he still finds it amazing. The way that people can use it amazes him to no extent! He is a little sad that he can't use alchemy himself but he still finds it impressive whenever people use it.

  • The Philosopher Stone- Something that can make him stronger? He will gladly use it! This way he will really be close to surpassing God permanently!


  • Getting close to people- Dioclecio dislikes getting close to people that is why he maintains his arrogant, obnoxious facade. Dioclecio having been hurt deeply by the death of his loved ones doesn't want to feel that same pain again. He doesn't care if it's cowardice he is doing what he has to do to protect himself. But Dioclecio is a empathic person as such it makes it hard to put off people, that's why he keeps his facade to make people reluctant to get close him.

  • Chicken- Chickens remind him of his sister's death. He dislike anything that have to do with chicken. He physically cannot eat chicken, he would just end up vomiting it back up.

  • Sour food- Some people may be fond of it but Dio can't stand it. The kind of tastes that make you cringe is unbearable for him!


  • Death- Like most people Dioclecio is afraid of death as well. He fears that he won't be able to maintain his own individual existence after death, only to fade away, unknown and forgotten.

  • Orphanages- Dioclecio hates them with a passion. They remind him of his past. Just seeing or hearing about an orphanage is enough to send shivers down his back. He tries to stay away from orphanages and freezes up whenever he steps into one.

  • Chickens- Dio is terrified of chickens. He hates everything about their existence. This is due to his horrifying experience with them. Whenever he is faced with a chicken he immediately breaks out in cold sweat and his legs shake.

General Appearance:

Face-Claim: Diego Brando  - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Height:  5'10" Feet
Weight: 72 Kilograms
Hair: He has wavy, golden-blonde hair that reaches a little past the nape of his neck.
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Appearance: Dioclecio stands at 5'10" with a slim physique. Dio has broad shoulders that go together with his toned body. His muscle definition is noticeable. He has wavy, golden blonde hair that goes a little past the nap of his neck. He observes his surroundings with light green colored eyes. His usual attire consists of a green turtleneck jumper with a diagonal grid pattern and tan khaki pants with a belt that spells out the word 'Dio'. At times he also dons gloves that go to his forearm and a hat that has the letters 'D', 'I', and 'O' on them, arranged in a way to make the word 'Dio'.


Current Affiliation: Army
Tier: Tier 5(Announcement-Free Tiers-)


History(Really, really long):

Dioclecio was born into a fairly wealthy family. He had an older sister, Maria, who was three years older than him. His parents were bankers so they earned a good income. His father played with him during the afternoon in the backyard while Maria and his mother drank tea watching them. Dioclecio went to a good school and was fond of reading books. He loved the way that they took him out of the world he knows and into another one. One of his favorite books was a story called 'The two stars in the night sky'. The story is a tragedy and the story was the first tragedy he ever read. Dioclecio cried whenever he read the ending, but his parents took him out to eat and that cheered him right back up.

Whenever Dioclecio was eight he came back home to only see several men inside his house. The men were masked, and wore black morph suits. To his surprise he saw his mother and Maria tied up and his father was free. But his father's face was pale and he had sweat dripping from his brow. His father had told him to run but one of the masked men had gotten the jump on him and grabbed him by the arm. Of course Dioclecio being an eight year old child couldn't get out of the grip from a grown man. The man dragged the struggling Dio over to the other grown, masked man. A look of terror coming onto the poor child's face.

The masked men had told the father to go fetch money and any expensive merchandise. They stated that if they taught that he was holding back on them then they would cut off a finger on Maria's hand. His father dashed through the house and gave them the money that they had stored up in a safe in a secret section of their closet. Whenever his father came back the men took the money and still they chopped off Maria's pinkie. Dio looked at the scene in horror, to this day he could still remember the screams of Maria. The blood curling screams that escaped her mouth. The men had to stuff her mouth with one of their own socks to keep the screaming girl quiet. Blood squirted from her finger and her mother was too horrified to let out a scream.

Dio's father tried to attack them in a blind rage. Of course he was shot in the head by one of the mask men. That ended his father's life. Dio let out a scream of utter horror at the sight of his father, laying motionless on the ground with a pool of blood quickly forming underneath him. The men turned towards Dio's mother and shot her in the chest. This was when Dio followed the same way as his father and tried to attack the grown men. Of course, they just snickered at the sight of Dio yelling in a fit of rage while trying to take them down. But again, he is an eight year old child. So the men easily kicked Dio in the gut sending him down on his knees. Dio clutched his stomach as he felt vomit raising from his throat.

Tears streamed down the child's face. Why must he be so powerless? Why must he be so weak? Weak enough that he couldn't protect his mother and father? It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair that he was so weak, it wasn't fair that they had to die. He looked up just in time to see the men move throughout the place, grabbing all the valuables they could. Soon they sprinted out of the house through the backdoor with the money and jewels in hand. The doors of Dio's house slammed open and he heard the word 'Freeze'. Oddly enough this was when Dio's vision turned black and he fainted, after witnessing the horrifying events.

Dio woke up in a small room, the bed sheet was white and there seemed to be curtains around the bed. Two men came into his room wearing a suit and tie. The poor little Dio froze up at the sight of these men, thinking that they were the ones that had killed his parents and hurt his sister. But they explained to Dioclecio that they were simply investigators who was wanting to catch the criminals. So the investigators asked Dioclecio various questions bringing back the horrible scene to the young boy's mind. After investigating Dio they took him into another room and allowed him to talk with various people. It turns out that none of his other relatives were willing to take Dio in. Why would they? The thieves had took all the money that his parents left behind all they had was the house which was to be sold.

Soon enough Dio was told that he was to go to a orphanage along with his sister. Within a day they were on a train to the orphanage. Dio and his sister were trying to be optimist about the whole scenario. They didn't talk about the death of their parents, they talked about things that they would do together when they got to the orphanage. They would go out to eat together and go out shopping together. Dio's sister tried to put on a smile, trying to take Dio's mind off the event. Dio knew that his sister was trying her hardest to make sure that he didn't know how she felt but he knew. His sister was scared, she was sad. Who wouldn't be afraid losing their parents and his sister lost a finger. Dio knew that he had to be strong to. He wanted his sister to cheer up, he wanted to put the events of 'that' day behind him. So he smiled as well. He had to keep his sister safe and make sure she's happy no matter what.  

Dio and his sister walked to the orphanage which was an hour's walk away from train's stop. Whenever they knocked on the orphanage door they were greeted by a man with a large smile on his face. The man seeing that they were children had assumed that the police sent them here. After showing the man the note which the police gave Maria he allowed them to come inside. Little did Dio and Maria know that this marked their life in hell.

Soon enough whenever they entered the orphanage Dio and Maria saw the children with lifeless eyes. They looked dirty and looked as if they were barely fed. Before Dio could turn around and say anything he felt a sudden pressure on his cheek. Next thing he knows he's staring up at the ceiling. Ceiling? Yes, Dio had been slapped by the man who was at the door. Maria quickly rushed and rested beside Dio, putting a hand to the red mark that was on his face. To this Dio winced, the burning sensation suddenly becoming the only thing that Dio felt.

The man picked Dio up and dragged him by his hair, naturally Maria followed along trying to get Dio out of the man's grip. This only earned her a smack as well. Dioclecio struggle against the man with new found vigor, but that vigor was short lived because the man tossed him in something like a classroom. He tossed Maria in the same classroom, what greeted them was a horrifying sight. Kids with lifeless eyes constantly moved their pencils against sheets of paper. However that sound was drowned out by a noise that filled the room. A feminine voice, one of a small child's was heard throughout the room. But the voice echoed out 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry'. The voice broke at times, and the sound of whipping could be heard. This brought a shiver down Dioclecio's and Maria's back. Another man different from before came to them and yelled at them to get started working.

Days had past. Dioclecio and Maria each had visits to the "The Coffin". It was hell. Dioclecio could remember throwing a rage fit because of hearing Maria's voice echoing throughout the room, of course Dio was quickly put back into his place. That was when Dioclecio was starting to learn his place in the world, to not act out against those who are stronger than him. He recalled asking God why was he born so weak. Why did he have to be so powerless against these people. The only way he was keeping his sanity was his sister. Maria would comfort him late at night telling him that they would get out of here.

Going forward four years it's a miracle that they were alive. Both Maria and Dioclecio's hair were starting to fall out and their skin was peeling off. They looked like a mess, their beautiful looks were now gone. They were shells of their past selves. But they still had each other, that was what kept them going. To make one of them work harder they would tell one of them that they would kill the other. So the enforcers kept them around to make sure that they worked hard. Nobody heard their screams since the houses around the orphanage belonged to the enforcers that were there.

Soon enough Dio and Maria was going to sleep until they heard rattling coming from out their door. They then saw a group of children trying to escape. Of course these were some of the newer kids who had the strength to run while Dio and Maria were getting fed better thanks to the amount of work they do they weren't still in tip top condition. The kids offered Maria and Dio to join them and of course the hesitated. People who had tried to escape get awful, awful punishments. They call them the legless pig, the flightless bird, and the sightless bat. It was said that they screamed for weeks straight due to those tortures. Of course it is only just a rumor but they knew that the enforcers could have put them in horrible, horrible torture techniques.

Dioclecio thought that it was a good idea to escape. They could lose their life whenever the enforces decided. They were like cattle, they wanted to be like humans again! Of course Maria was reluctant to escape with the other children. They weren't dead yet and they would certainly die if they escaped! There were a total of seven kids in the group, with the addition of Maria and Dio it would make nine kids. Dio managed to convince Maria that they probably had a plan and this would most likely be their only chance. After hearing out their plan Maria decided that she would go as well.

They had discovered that the key to the chicken coop's key was the same key to open an exit that was near the stairs. So once they heard this plan they made their way to take the chicken coop key. They successfully got the key from a person who was returning. Now they had ten children in their group. Thus they made their way back to the door. Dio and Maria promised that they would meet up on the outside if they get separated. They knew there was another town next to the orphanage. However a forest separated the orphanage and the town, but they knew that it was their best shot.

However right whenever they were opening the door a enforcer saw them. The enforcer shouted at them to stop and this was when they sprinted away. Maria and Dio managed to stick together while the one enforcer chased after another kid whilst ringing up other enforcers. Dio didn't care about the other kids, he knew that if he and Maria was caught it was game over. Maria pushed herself to the very limit, running in front of Dio. Before they knew it rain started to fall from the sky. Nevertheless, Dio and Maria still ran through the rain, only focused on their survival.

But God had rolled a one for them....again. Their lives after since the death of their parents was filled with one rolls. God just constantly rolls the dice on one for the pair of siblings. His sister had fell and hurt her ankle. Dio moved his sister underneath a tree where she can rest at. Dio promised his sister he wouldn't go far, he wanted to look at the surroundings. Of course his sister insisted that he didn't go but he wanted to make sure that they were safe. After walking through the woods for a while he suddenly found something inside his mouth. He couldn't move his tongue, something was pressing down against it. But one of the enforcers peeked his head around to let Dio see him. Dio could only stare at horror at the enforcer's face. He knew that he was doomed.

The enforcer than started to drag Dio pulling him by his mouth. Of course, the ten year old Dio struggled but the man didn't care. Dio after suddenly bit down on the enforcer's fingers. He was biting as hard as he could and a blood curling scream could be heard coming from the enforcer. Dioclecio spat out the enforcer's fingers and took off running again. He went back towards his sister but he suddenly noticed that it was taking a longer amount of than usual. But whenever Dioclecio came upon a small lake he fall onto his knees, a look of utter despair coming onto his face. The little skirmish with the enforcer had thrown off his sense of direction. Where was Maria? She couldn't move and there was an enforcer near her. Who knew what he would do to her since Dio bit off his fingers?

Why? Why did Dio always end up being so powerless? It wasn't once or twice. It was constantly happening. He couldn't protect anything that was dear to him. He couldn't oppose those that were treating his sister wrong. Why should they even be alive in such a cruel world? Dio looked towards the sky that was now pouring down rain on him whilst thunder could be heard in the background. He wanted to gain power, no matter what the cost. He wanted the strength to overcome this cruel fate. He wanted the strength to overcome the people who opposed him. He wanted the strength to oppose even God if need be!

But alas his grieving didn't stop time, and God didn't wait on a mere human. While Dio was crying to himself cursing his fate he felt something grip his shoulder. He turned to see a man's hand who was missing some fingers. However bandages wrapped the fingers that were numbs. Dio instantly knew who it was and his face paled. The man gave a punch to the back of Dio's head and Dio saw darkness coming into his vision.

When Dio woke up he saw the same man who captured him towering over him. The man had a twisted look on his face but before Dio could say anything he grabbed Dio by his hair forcing him up. He told Dio to follow him and Dio complied, hoping that it would lessen his punishment. What Dio saw was one of the children who escaped with him. But the child's body was on a huge piece of A-frame wood. The kid's body was right on the center of the wood and weights were strapped on his feet. Blood was already starting to come from his lower body and the kid was screaming out in pain. He was being torn in half! The only thing that the man did was guide Dio to go see another kid. 

The kids were being tortured. They weren't showing any mercy to them. One was wrapped up in a mattress being hit with wooden sticks. Other various torture techniques were being used on the kids that he escaped with. Their screams echoed throughout the orphanage, but there was one scene that still haunts Dioclecio to this day. The enforcer took Dio to the chicken coop only to see a body laying in there. Instantly his breathing became labored, he stared at the scene with eyes filled with horror. It was his own sister, naked, being pecked by those chickens. He would notice those golden locks of beautiful hair anywhere. Holes filled her once fair skin, blood covered her body. Dio doubled over and threw up what little food he had in his stomach.

The enforcer didn't want for Dio, he grabbed the traumatized child and dragged him back into the orphanage filled with nothing but horrible, horrible memories. Dio woke up but he couldn't move his bottom. The room oddly enough was brightly lit, so bright that Dio had to close his eyes so he could get adjusted to the brightness. He heard voices speaking in the background but heard nothing other than that. Dio could look around but whenever he did he saw a strange symbol underneath him. He had learned about it during his awful, awful classes what was it called? Recalling from his memories he reminded it was an alchemy circle. But the ignorant Dio didn't know what kind was it. Not seeing the situation for how dangerous it actually is he started to tear up again remembering Maria's death. He wondered if he would die now. If his endless suffering would finally stop. Would he get to be with his family again? Why did God leave him to this cruel fate? Dio never done anything bad in his life. So why!?

Yet again, God doesn't wait on anybody. He doesn't care if somebody so insignificant like Dio resented him. The poor boy was going to die soon anyway. Dio turned his head over to see a corpse. However, it was the corpse of an animal? It wasn't an animal that Dio had knowledge of. Little did Dio know that the animal was a dinosaur. A few weeks ago a team of scientist had discovered remains of ancient animals stuck in a glacier. So when they uncovered it they discovered it was a dinosaur. The corpse looked fresh, no sign of the corpse rotting. The corpse was then stolen and people were looking for it everywhere, higher ups in the military were afraid of what people would do with the corpse. It was possible for people to use the corpse for a human transmutation. Little did the higher ups know that they were exactly right.

The alchemy circle underneath Dio glowed a crimson red. In that instance Dio's eyes widened as he felt a mind melting pain. It felt as if his skin was slowing peeling off. Each single cell was fading away into thin air. The very muscle tissue of his body starting to crumble as well. His body screaming out in pain. Dio let out a nightmarish scream as the process began. The Dinosaur's flesh was starting to come together with Dio's very own. The cells rubbing up against each other grinding against each other. He could feel every cell in his body! The cells regenerating and decomposing at a incredible rate. It wasn't so incredible for Dio who could feel every single painful sensation going on. This was when Dio's conscious was fading away. 

Dio didn't want to die. He didn't want to die because he was born into a cruel fate. Why did he have to end up like this? Why, why did his sister die? What did she ever do? Why must everything happen to him? How did he end up like this? Why must people be so cruel to him!? He never did anything this bad in his life! The only time he had sinned was whenever he lied to his mom about taking his sister's toy! Even then he returned it but still. His mind was littered with questions. Dio had one desire. He wanted to live! He needed to live. He wanted to carry on the memory of his family with him. Who else would remember them if he was gone? He didn't want them to fade away into nonexistence.  

When Dio woke up blood was splattered all around him, his vision was burly. He knew he was going to die, but why was he still alive? He heard voices in the background. The whole process lasted for a few hours but after the human transmutation was over the army came busting inside the room shooting at the alchemist. The Army had caught wind of their plan and had set in notion a way of dealing with the alchemist. They needed to be prepared since they were sure to have powerful alchemist on their side. Thankfully the Army had gotten the jump on them and killed them in one swift motion while the alchemist weren't ready. They went into a separate room and to their surprise there was a child with blood splattered around his body. Of course it was Dio's own blood. Somebody rushed towards him and checked his pulse, only to discover a miracle among miracles! The boy was alive! The man told this to everybody and the kind hearted men took Dio away. There was one thing that they had found weird....horrifying even. The boy had a smile on his face. For what reason? The men didn't know but who in their right mind would smile after something like that? Dio knew why he was smiling. It was because he had overcame God's plans! He had overcame what God had set down! He had surpass God.
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