My Deadly Sins

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My Deadly Sins

Post by Salya on Thu Apr 09, 2015 6:01 am

   Do you need a break from reality? Are you a role-player? What about a gamer? A writer or Artist?

   Well you are welcome into the Fantasy/Mythical based world of My Deadly Sins. Its a place on the web, where you are free to be anything you wish without any true limit.The only limit is that we are rated Teen.

   It may not be much but we have many different things for members to do:
   *Chat with friends or make new friends.
   *Role-play anything you like with a big or small group of ppl, or even one-on-one. You may even join in our main rp, based on the 7 sins. Anime/game/real life is all welcome.
   *Share Graphic designs with others.
   *Share Artwork, Cafts, and Cosplay with others.
   *Read or share both original stories and/or fanfictions.
   *Share your our lyrics and Poems.
   *Post your favorite Youtube vids for others to see.
   *Join our school to teach others or learn how to do things.
   And lots more.

   We are always adding new areas, events, challanges and such to keep our members active and help. And we are always looking for ideas for future things.

   All that we ask is that once you join, please stay active. Post daily or weekly.

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   Please come and join us.


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